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Monday, October 6, 2008

The people have spoken

You know, when we put this little blog together, we had no idea people would actually read it religiously. In the ocean of blogs on the internet, why should our humble offering stand out? I don't know, but apparently it's hit a bit of a chord with the masses if our survey is any indication. We asked how you, the reader, stumbled across this blog and you answered in spades. A whopping 66 percent of you admitted you followed a link to arrive on our page. Not only that, but 33 percent of you found us after we directed you here. What can we say? We are humbled. To know that 99 percent of you are not only regular readers but took the time to answer our survey, well, I'm tearing up. Look for more surveys in this space (or the space to the right, anyway). You have spoken. It's an awesome responsibility we face knowing so many of you are reading.

The show booked three more comics today. Kevin Foxx will be joining us the first Sunday in November, and Brett Martin on the 9th of November. And Patrick Maliha will be taking a break from CFUN to slum it with us on the 23rd. We had a great conversation with Paul Myrehaug last night. I'll let you know when the podcast gets uploaded in case you missed it. Next week is my Victoria homeboy, and current neighbour, Chris Molineux. Check out some of his videos in our margin and tune in on Sunday.

Hey, who wants to be the first to leave a comment? Don't be shy. It'll be historical. It's up to you whether it's hysterical.


Jack said...

Okay, now I've read a blog. Why are these things called blogs?

Guy MacPherson said...

That'd be short for web log, grampa.

So Jack wins for historical. The hysterical category is still wide open.

Brian Nation said...

If I can't be the first then I'm not commenting. The hell with that. Who get's up at 7 am to post a comment anyway? What, did he camp out all night?

But speaking of reading religiously I do light a candle before reading this stuff. Does that count for anything?

darren frost said...

wow alot of names listed there

am i still confirnmed for the show on the 27

Guy MacPherson said...

Look to the right, Darren. In the margin is a list of "Upcoming Guests"... Oct. 26: Darren Frost. You're in!