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Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11: Seth Perry (and some notes on Lily Tomlin & Kathy Griffin)

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Seth Perry confirmation. So we're good to go tonight. Seth was scheduled to be on the program a few weeks ago but couldn't make it. So tonight we'll get to hear all about his run at the Seattle International Comedy Festival. And no doubt he'll plug his weekly comedy showcase at Jupiter, at Bute and Davie. And find out what else he's up to. So tune in tonight at 11.

It was another full comedy weekend. On Friday night I took in Lily Tomlin. I'm a casual fan of Ms. Tomlin. I didn't really know what to expect, or if I'd even enjoy myself. But she was absolutely fantastic. She did some local jokes and then tons of character work, telling her life story. I don't think I laughed even once (not all that surprising for me) but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was totally impressed. The laughs came for me in the Q & A session where she proved she's a naturally hilarious performer. And what energy. I know 69 isn't ancient, but she had boundless energy, doing about two hours and floating all over the stage.

Kathy Griffin was in attendance and shouted out a question during the Q & A, asking Tomlin to please be a guest on her reality series, Life on the D-List. Tomlin showed great faux-attitude, saying she'd love to do the show, but would rather slit her wrists instead. She told Griffin you can't just expect to move up to the A-list so easily. For example, she herself had to do Katherine Hepburn's laundry for years to work up to the A-list. Finally, Tomlin's true humility came out. She'd do the show, but not because she wanted to, but because she had to, having slipped from the A-list thanks to that viral video of her swearing her head off at director David O'Russell on the set of I Heart Huckabees. Great show.

At the post-show meet'n'greet, Griffin's camera crew was there, and Kathy literally sat at the feet of Tomlin to observe the master. They had some great exchanges. At one point, the River Rock's crack media liaison guy introduced Lily to the Westender writer, who had done a story on Tomlin. Lily greets her and says something like, "That was a wonderful story you wrote." Then she stage whispers over to Kathy: "That's what you say to journalists." Very funny.

Then it was Griffin's show on Saturday. I'd seen her a couple times before; once in Montreal and once last year at the River Rock. We all know she's a chatty Kathy. What you see on her series and on talk shows is essentially what you get in her act. No real well-crafted jokes, but just really funny and engaging stories. It's a really conversational style. She's like a best friend who's just dying to tell you what they experienced or think, be it spending her birthday with Cher or hanging with Anderson Cooper on New Year's Eve. You know, just like your friends. She does a horrible Cher impression (as she admits) but a fantastic Rosie O'Donnell and Liza Minnelli. Griffin also did close to two hours, then amazingly went back and did a second show. I don't know how she does it. The paycheque probably helps.

Anywho, the radio show. Don't forget about it. Tonight. 11 pm. Ish.
Peace out, mofos.


Jack the Weeper said...

Guy, it's okay to laugh and cry sometimes.

Guy MacPherson said...

But you can't force it.