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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Todd Allen

Yes, folks, that youngster we saw crossing home plate in 1991 was none other than Todd Allen. I had no idea who he was when I snapped that photo. Todd is one of at least five standup comics that I know of to come from my alma mater, Oak Bay High School. The others are Steve Ivings, Dr. Russ Kennedy, Jason Lamb and Kristeen von Hagen. When I was going to school, our rivals would call us Joke Bay, but for other reasons. Little did they know it was a hotbed of future comedy.

Here's little Todd making good last year on CBS's The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

Todd is also a three-time visitor to What's So Funny?. The last one isn't yet up on the podcast. Before that he guested in April of 2005. His first visit was with Phil Hanley was in November of 2004.

ADDENDUM: Oops, forgot James Ball, another standup comic alum of Oak Bay High. (Back then he was Jamie.)

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