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Monday, April 13, 2009

Lewis Black news

Not to name drop, but I just got off the phone with Lewis Black. Just wanted to report here that he said his opener when he plays the Centre here in Vancouver on May 8 & 9 will be Kathleen Madigan. How awesome is that? She's fantastic and a headliner in her own right, and one of my faves. That's some show. Black said there is a downside to having her on the bill, though.
For my money, she's the funniest woman in America. And that's tough, because I love Susie Essman and Joy Behar, Judy Gold... and there's a whole bunch... Maria [Bamford]. But Kathleen I've known for a long time. She's at the top of her game. She's a pain in the ass to follow, though. "Really? You had to be that funny, fucker?"
Here's a taste of both those comics. I'll write more on Black closer to his appearance next month.

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