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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The (Old) Sports Guy

Sports fans of the '90s, listen up. I've started a new blog you might be interested in. It has nothing to do with comedy, but is humorous. At least, that's its intent. They're columns I wrote in the 1990s for a couple of different publications. It was called The Sports Guy. Now there's an uber-famous column of the same name so, really, I'm just hoping for some spill-over. As I write in the blog, I'll rerun some of those columns, as well as offer whatever sports thoughts I have these days. Here's the link: Bookmark it. Since most of it is already in the can, as they say, I don't have to actually write anything and can update it pretty frequently.

The other day I mentioned funny Google searches that led people to this here blog. Then the next day I get this one: "funny erections" I'm trying my best to think up why this person was searching for funny erections. Did they want photos of warped penises? Or penises with Groucho glasses on? Are they looking for jokes about the members? Or were they concerned that their erections weren't serious enough? Who knows. But this I do know: Because I just wrote a few words on the subject, I'm certain I'll get more hits from concerned penis owners.

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