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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov. 1: Jon Dore and Harry Doupe

One of the challenges of doing a radio show on Sundays at 11 pm is lining up out-of-town guests. Visiting comics generally skip town early on a Sunday. But with my magic iPod, I'm able to record some interviews here and there and run them on the show. And that's what we have lined up for you tonight. When I was in Saint John, New Brunswick, a few weeks ago for the Canadian Comedy Awards, I was able to sit down with television's Jon Dore at a local mall for a half-hour conversation. He talks about his recently deceased TV show, and admits to being embarrassed by most episodes. Go figure. I thought it was one of the best things on the Canadian airwaves.

The second half-hour was a sit down in the hotel lobby with former Vancouverite Harry Doupe, who I used to see regularly at the old Punchlines in the early 1980s. Harry reminisced about the early days, told some road stories and talked about his annual Statelessness of the Industry speech.

It's a good hour, if I do say so myself. Tune in, won't you?

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