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Monday, January 18, 2010

Episode 179ish

One of my favourite episodes of 2009 is now up and running over at iTunes. It's episode 179ish of What's So Funny? featuring Harry Doupe, wherein the former Vancouverite drops by and talks about the old days, and gives his barbed opinions on the likes of Russell Peters, Gerry Dee, Mark Breslin, Rich Elwood and Rick Ducommun. It was interesting to learn, according to Doupe, that Elwood, the owner of the old Punchlines club, tried to get Doupe to sign an exclusivity contract. You always hear of complaints about that kind of contract levelled at Yuk Yuk's.

Doupe gives the Statelessness of the Industry speech every year at the Canadian Comedy Awards. My hope is that each December, when he's back in town visiting family for Christmas, he makes a tradition of coming on the show.

If you want to listen right here and now, see below. Otherwise download it to your pod machine and listen at your leisure. And while you're at iTunes, for God's sakes leave a comment and/or review. How much do I have to beg? It's not becoming and I think neither of us enjoys it:

Harry Doupe, from December 27, 2009:

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