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Friday, January 1, 2010

Peter Kelamis

Check this out. Vancouver's own (and 2-time What's So Funny? guest) Peter Kelamis has been discovered by The Jay Leno Show. Or at least the two knobs who book the comedy on the show. They were also the talent scouts on NBC's Last Comic Standing and on The Tonight Show when Jay hosted.

I say "knobs" a bit unfairly. For all I know, they are experts in their field. I've only seen them on LCS. I found myself disagreeing with them more than not so that has forever tainted them in my eyes. I'm like that.

But, hey, if they book Kelamis on Leno's primetime show, maybe I'll change my tune. What's happened so far is they've posted a clip of Peter's to the show's website under The Laugh Squad. Apparently an IT guy in their office was sitting around laughing at a clip of Kelamis and that caught their eye. Or ear, as it were. So they posted said clip and asked for comments. Maybe if enough people went over there and raved about him, they'd put him on the show.

So get going, already. Do your part. Get the local guy a spot on American network TV.

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