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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb. 27: Johnny Scoop

Tonight, Jonathan Skupowski (aka Johnny Scoop) joins us for his second go-round on What's So Funny? What could we possibly talk about that we didn't exhaust back in November of 2009? Well, let's see...He's got multiple shows going on at the Hennessey (or Henne$$ey, as he writes it) and the Kingston (King$ton?), his partnership with a commercial radio station, his participation in a documentary, and he's got a new theme song, I hear. And who knows, we might even talk Oscars since that's happening tonight. I've seen a whopping zero of the ten best film nominees so I've got some pretty strong opinions, as you can imagine.

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Anonymous said...

Oscars, yeah... I might have checked it out if Hall Pass really had been nominated. True Grit is worth watching, Inception is ALL JUST A DREAM!! Spoiler alert. Seriously if you haven't seen it by now who cares? It seems weird to me that a movie celebrating an unelected hereditary aristocrat gets best picture at a time when millions in the middle east are fighting and dying to free themselves from self appointed noblemen.