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Saturday, June 4, 2011

EXTRA: Podcast episode 234ish: Joe Avati

I'm not sure how to number this one. It dates from 2005 and for some reason never made it to podcast format. I found it while foraging for another lost episode. I never did find it, but came across this one with Italian-Australian comic Joe Avati. It also marked the first time What's So Funny? employed the telephone to do an interview. Exciting time! We also played clips from fellow Italians Ray Romano and Frank Spadone as well as from Avati himself. Oh, and Emo Philips. I have no idea what ethnicity he is. He could very well be Italian. Let's say he is for this particular episode.

As always, stream the show here (below) or follow this link to the iTunes page and download it to your computer. Or however else you get it. There are more than two ways to skin this cat.

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