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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oct. 24: Art Factora

It's cold and flu season and I've got a doozy of a cold. But fret not, dear listeners, I'll be there tonight hopped up on Dristan and cough medicine. The show must go on.

We've got a first-timer to the program tonight. Art Factora, owner of one of the best names in the biz, is no first-timer to radio, though. He's been working behind the scenes for years at various commercial stations. It's always a little intimidating when professional radio people are guests, but he seems like a nice enough guy. Art has been doing stand-up for about six years. I most recently saw him on an all-Asian bill (Factora is the son of Filipino immigrants) at Lafflines and was impressed. I don't know yet what we'll talk about but I do want him to explain to me why the Ph in Philippines becomes an F and the two P's become one in Filipino. I've never understood that. Yes, I could look it up but then I'd have to fill an extra minute on tonight's show. And we'll also discuss what Lady Gaga's naked midsection is like in person (that's Art on the left in the photo).

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