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Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 in a nutshell

Greetings from sunny Edmonton. The year isn't over yet but we've got enough information in to be able to compile our annual head-count. Each year (well, starting in 2009, five years into our run) I tally the number of guests we've had in a calendar year. Here's how it's looked each year:

  • 2009: 42 shows with guests
  • 2010: 38 shows with guests
  • 2011: 44 shows with 53 guests
  • 2012: 41 shows with 47 guests
  • 2013: 35 shows with 37 guests
  • 2014: 36 shows with 39 guests
  • 2015: 36 shows with 40 guests
So how does 2016 stand up? Colleen Brow fills in and she usually plays comedy clips. She did have Marlene Swidzinski and Lauren McGibbon as guests two of those Sundays but we don't podcast those episodes so they aren't included. Even with them, we would have been a record low. Another factor is, well, it's just one of those years. So here are the numbers:
A record low! Now, there are some factors to consider. Halfway through the year I decided to take the last Sunday of each month off.

Big thanks to all our guests in 2016:

Friday, December 16, 2016

Dec. 18: Nancy Robertson

Our last show before Christmas is a goodie. We've got first-time guest Nancy Robertson live in studio. Her hubby, Brent Butt, has guested twice before. She'll be the third former Corner Gas star to grace our studios (Lorne Cardinal was the other). But Nancy is more than Wanda Dollard. She also starred in Hiccups and has acted in other film and television. And if you go back far enough, you might remember her from her work on stage with Vancouver TheatreSports League. We'll cover it all. Promise.

We're on the air at 11 pm in Vancouver on CFRO, 100.5 FM. If you've recycled your radio, you can always livestream us at or on TuneIn Radio.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Podcast episode 441ish: Scott Patey

It's always exciting to have a first-timer on the show. I'd seen Scott Patey perform for years at the Improv Centre on Granville Island with Vancouver TheatreSports League, but I'd never met him until this momentous night. Patey hails from the border town of Lloydminster, Alberta. Or is that Saskatchewan? It's confusing when you can cross the street in your town and be in another province. He explains. We also talked about how his hockey career was cut short by a break-up, his funnier brother, portraying Donald Trump, and what it's like working in movies with celebrities. Most exciting of all, I take him on in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (a game he hosts at various venues around town, but mostly at Corduroy in Kits on Monday nights). I've also got him promising me on air that he'd take me to New York City when/if he gets to host Saturday Night Live. I'm holding him to it.

Here's the episode for you. Do with it what you will. I'd recommend listening. You can also go download/subscribe to the show on iTunes or Stitcher. And elsewhere!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dec. 4: Sam Tonning

We're going to learn all about Sam Tonning tonight. I know him a little bit but not the finer points. I see him out and about at comedy shows and jazz shows. I know he's from my hometown, Victoria. I know he plays the bass a bit. I know he does standup, I know he unironically loves Jay Leno and Ted Nugent. And I know he's the sidekick/second banana to Brett Martin on the live monthly Brett Martin talk show at Yuk Yuk's (next one is next Sunday, Dec. 11). We'll fill in the details tonight at 11 pm if you care to join us.

Tune in to CFRO 100.5 FM or livestream us at Tonight from 11 to midnight-ish.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Podcast episode 440ish: Graeme Duffy

Improvisor and actor Graeme Duffy joins us to talk about his very public – and swift! – engagement. He tells us how he proposed to his girlfriend in front of 1100 people four months after their first date. Did she say yes? Did she say no? You'll have to listen to find out! The Vancouver TheatreSports mainstay also talks about being bullied in Scotland, the thriving local film and TV scene, cruising the Baltic Sea, his dislike of St. John,and his love of moustaches, tattoos, and Kanye West.

Have a listen, won't you? You can do it right here and now. Or you can go download us on iTunes or Stitcher and elsewhere. And give the show a rating and comment on iTunes while you're there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Podcast episode 439ish: Steve Bays

It's Steve Bays time once again. It's always fun hanging with the rocker. His former band (maybe) Hot Hot Heat has a new album out, eponymously titled, and it's great. He came to the studio armed with his girlfriend, actress Siobhan Williams, so I came in armed with my brother-in-law, visiting from out of town. The three of us do our best to get Steve to organize one last tour for HHH. Also in the episode, Steve tries to name all 20 bands he's been in over the years, and we talk about lyrics, emo and ego. And we tie it all together with comedy.

Here's the gizmo to get you started. Or you can go download us and/or subscribe to the show at iTunes. Or Stitcher. Or other places.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Nov. 13: Scott Patey

I've seen tonight's guest Scott Patey many, many times over the years at the Improv Centre. Never met him, though. Not too long ago, I saw him playing Donald Trump in Trump Card and thought, 'I should have him on the show.' Little did I know Trump would win and now I feel deep resentment towards the guy. I'll try to keep it bottled up for the hour tonight. We'll see how he feels about the orange man, and we'll talk about his own history. He started acting when he was but an 11-years-old. To date, the Albertan and VTSL main stage performer has shared the silver screen with the likes of Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black. He also hosts a show that I've got to get down to one of these days. It's called Rock, Paper, Scissors at Corduroy and has been going strong for over four years, if my math is correct.

Tune in tonight at 11 pm to CFRO, 100.5 FM in Vancouver or livestream us at or many a radio-streaming app.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Nov. 6: Graeme Duffy

Graeme Duffy (right)
Happy November. Happy first day of the dark days of winter. I love how we don't need to remember to turn the clocks back because all our robot devices do it for us. So there goes that excuse for missing tonight's show at 11 pm. My homeboy Graeme Duffy returns for his second visit. The actor and Vancouver TheatreSports League mainstay recently got engaged in a very public way. We'll see how that went. We'll also talk about all the various shows he's written at VTSL and movies he's working in and why he loves weird facial hair and whatever else we think up in the moment.

Tune in to 100.5 FM at 11 pm for all the conversation. Or livestream us at

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Oct. 30: Marlene Swidzinski

When the cat's away, the mouse will play. It's the last Sunday of the month, so regular host Guy MacPherson is taking it easy. Colleen Brow gets in the game tonight. She welcomes Marlene Swidzinski. When a polka princess leaves the old country (Saskatchewan) for the downtown eastside, she's bound to ask, "Where are the men who can polka?" Colleen will talk with Swidzinski about her prairie Slavic origins, eventual urbanization, and her comic insights on art, society, motherhood, and livestock.

Tune in to 100.5 FM at 11 pm. Or livestream the show at

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Podcast episode 438ish: Sean Kent

It's almost US election time! Better get this puppy up and running. It's my conversation with Texas-based standup comic Sean Kent, an avowed anti-Trumpist. And that's what we talk about for most of this very special Election '16 episode. He even tells us about the time he was kicked out of a Donald Trump rally just outside of Austin. Sean was with us back in 2010 (not 2006 as I incorrectly thought) if you want to compare episodes. Back then he gave us the full hour. This time we only got about 40 minutes of talk so I've supplemented it with his standup comedy. So this way you get some laughs along with the political conversation. Although I guess there are plenty of laughs as it is in their general election.

Have a listen before it's too late, especially if you're an American voter. You can click on the gizmo, or go subscribe to What's So Funny? on iTunes or Stitcher or wherever fine podcasts are dispensed. See you there.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Podcast episode 437ish: Sophie Buddle

This one was a long time coming. But totally worth the wait. Since this episode aired on the radio, the big $25,000 Sirius comedy competition has come and gone in Toronto. Our guest, Sophie Buddle, didn't take home the big bucks but she did achieve her goal of placing, finishing in the top 3. Not bad for a 22-year-old. Not bad for anyone, actually. We talk about her start in comedy at the tender age of 15, a photo shoot that wasn't a whole lot of fun, hobnobbing at a Hollywood Emmy Awards party, and she explains why Woody Allen is innocent. And funny.

Listen before it gets any older. You can click on the link below or go download the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher or wherever you go to get your podcasts.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oct. 23: Steve Bays

Tonight rock 'n' roller Steve Bays joins the 5-timers club. Coincidentally, while in a Gastown tourist shop this very afternoon, I heard his band, Mounties, playing over the speaker. Last time he was with us, I heard him playing at a coffee shop the same day. Kismet, baby. But his other group, Hot Hot Heat, just released their latest and last album and it's fantastic. So we'll talk about that, play a couple of tracks for you, and I'll find out why they say this is their last album and why they're not touring it. Maybe I'll convince him to keep the band going. I'll do my best. We'll also talk comedy because Steve is a huge comedy fan who has composed music for various comedy shows.

We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver. If your old-timey radio is on the fritz, you can livestream us at

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oct. 16: Sean Kent

We survived the storm of '16. Someone make the t-shirts. Just before it "hit" yesterday, I spoke with Texas comic Sean Kent, who was headlining the MIX all weekend. I thought I better turn it around quickly because we mostly talked about Donald Trump, a figure Sean has contempt for (for proof, see the photo below of him flipping the bird to Trump at a rally – and he tells us the story behind the photo in this episode). I figured if I sit on this and run it in a few weeks, twelve other Trump scandals or controversies could emerge. Or Hillary, for that matter. So that'll air tonight. Sean's been on the program once before. I told him I thought it was in 2006, but a careful search of the archives proves I was wrong: we spoke in 2010. So you can go find that one to listen to it to warm up for tonight's show.

We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver. You can livestream us at, too, if you'd rather.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Podcast episode 436ish: Efthimios Nasiopoulos

Tune in to this podcast episode just to hear me nail the name Efthimios Nasiopoulos. Efthimios joined us at the last minute when our regularly scheduled guest fell ill. I ran into him at Yuk Yuk's on the night when he told me he just moved to town the week before from Toronto so I dragged him down to the studio and we faked it for an hour. He talks about glaciers out west (he considers anything west of Toronto to be "out west"), he opens up about his two broken engagements to be married, reveals how he retired undefeated from boxing, and discusses jobs like limo driving and serving summonses to unsuspecting folk.

Here it is. Have a listen to my conversation with the biggest name in comedy (tied with Costaki Economopoulos) by clicking below or finding us on iTunes or Stitcher or the like. And give us a rating, why don't you?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Podcast episode 435ish: Rob Pue

Rob Pue makes his debut appearance on What's So Funny?... again. That's right, he was with us years ago, but that is one of the lost episodes. Maybe one day it'll resurface. In the meantime, check this one out. He was keen to return, given how early he showed up. One of us mixed up AM and PM. We talk about his harrowing car accident, his new album Puegilist, juggling drama with hockey in high school, winning the San Francisco Comedy Competition, punking celebrities, and we end with him taking the Trivial Pursuit Challenge. Who will win?! Tune in to find out.

Here's the link. That's all you need. But if you prefer, go subscribe to What's So Funny? on iTunes and it'll magically show up in your feed every time a new podcast episode is dropped. We're also on Stitcher.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Podcast episode 434ish: Brett Martin

Brett Martin's talk show premiered at Yuk Yuk's on Sunday, September 11, i.e. before we recorded this episode. But I believe it'll be a monthly show so you can still check it out. And if the next one is anything like the first, get your tickets early. The place was packed! I was impressed with the show. It had everything you want in a talk show: a band, a sidekick, crummy monologue jokes, prepared bits, and interesting guests (an Olympic bronze medalist, a comedy reviewer – ahem! –, a freak show, a comedian, and a wrestler). Good times.

But I'm here to talk about this latest podcast episode. Sure, we talked about the upcoming (now past) talk show, but we also talked about Brett's varied career. Did you know he ran for mayor of Calgary when he was in his early 20s? He also worked at the Calgary Sun despite not graduating from high school. And we end with a Trivial Pursuit smackdown. More good times.

Here's the episode in its sweet entirety. You can also go download it at iTunes or Stitcher and the like.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sept. 18: Sophie Buddle (again... for the first time)

Efthimios was our guest last week.
(Check last week for Sophie's picture.)

If you read this blog without tuning in to the show on radio, you'll be surprised to read that Sophie Buddle is our guest tonight when I wrote last week that she'd be our guest. After I wrote that, Sophie informed me she was sick. So at the last moment, I snagged Efthimios Nasiopoulos to sub in for her. And tonight, Sophie will make her return visit... for the first time.

Tune in to CFRO 100.5 FM at 11 pm to see if she's there. You can also livestream us at or on TuneIn Radio and other such apps.

Friday, September 16, 2016

In the Dark – episode 14

What's this now? In the Dark? Yeah, remember a while back when I had Jason Bryden on What's So Funny? I told you about his new podcast, In the Dark? And I mentioned I guested on it. Well, here it is. I gotta say this is some of his best work! If you haven't heard his podcast yet, check my episode out and then work your way backward. I really enjoy it. Something about the way Jason thinks and talks greatly amuses me. In each episode, he gives a lengthy solo preamble to a conversation he has with someone on some esoteric topic, and then at the end gives a rundown of five (or so) things he learned in the discussion. It's a lot of fun and you might even learn something, too. Not necessarily from me in this episode, but I had a great time talking to him.

This hyperlink will take you to our talk. And, as with What's So Funny?, you can always go find it yourself on iTunes or Stitcher.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sept. 11: Sophie Buddle Efthimios Nasiopoulos

Who's been the youngest guest on What's So Funny? Good question. I don't keep stats but I betcha tonight's guest is right up there. We've got 22-year-old standup sensation Sophie Buddle in studio. And she's already a wily 7-year standup vet having started at the tender age of 15. She's already played Just For Laughs in Montreal twice and been on cool alt shows in Los Angeles. Tonight we'll find out how this happens and where she'll go from here.
Turns out Sophie was sick so we got Efthimios Nasiopoulos in at the last moment. Sophie will be in studio on Sept. 18. Fingers crossed!
We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM. Tune in.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Podcast episode 433ish: Jason Bryden

Jason Bryden left us for Toronto 3.5 years ago but we still love him. He was back in town visiting family so we nabbed him while we could. In this episode, JB talks about being a quitter. He's quit comedy, quit theatre, and quit social media. He's still acting in almost every TV commercial, though. Plus he's started something new. In the Dark with Jason Bryden is his new podcast. Get in on the ground floor and start listening. As of today, he's only 12 episodes in so it's manageable. But first listen to this fun talk I had with him. He may or may not have been wearing adult diapers during our conversation.

Here's the link to get you started on your way. If you prefer, you can always go to iTunes or Stitcher or Tunein Radio or PlayerFM or wherever else you can find it. We're there for you.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sept. 4: Rob Pue

September already? Good lord. We went on the air officially in September 2004 (after our first unofficial episode aired in April of that year). So what does this make it? The start of our 13th year? That can't be right. I don't know. I just take it one show at a time and give 110 percent each show.

Tonight we've got Rob Pue for the first (second) time. I do believe Rob was with us once before but I wasn't there for it and it's not in our audio archives so it never happened. Rob used to live in Vancouver. Used to live in L.A., too. And Edmonton. But he's been in Toronto for the last ten years. He's got a new album out called Puegilist available on iTunes and Spotify and the like. Rob was headlining Yuk Yuk's Vancouver this past weekend and will be doing the new Yuks in Abbotsford and Victoria in coming weeks. We'll play a clip from his new album and talk about everything we haven't talked about before, including a near-death experience he had five years ago.

Tune in tonight at 11 pm to 100.5 FM in Vancouver. Or livestream us from Toronto (and anywhere else) at or on Tunein Radio.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Podcast episode 432ish: Tim Nutt

The hits just keep on comin'. This episode features the great Tim Nutt, one of the country's top headliners. That he manages this feat being based in West Kelowna is remarkable. He explains it here. We also talk about the Sirius Comedy Competition, but the voting for that is over now. Spoiler alert: Tim didn't advance. It tells you something either about the level of talent in the country or the competition itself that Nutt, John Beuhler, and Chuck Byrn didn't make it to the next level. Any one of those three in any given year could win the whole thing, yet here they are on the outside looking in. I really hate competitions. But that's neither here nor there. We talk about other things, too, including the problem with open mics, human rights commissions, and parenting today.

I give you my permission to start listening right now by offering you this gizmo below. You may also go off on your own to find it and download it on iTunes or Stitcher or elsewhere. Go now in peace.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Podcast episode 431ish: Jy Harris

I told you the podcasts would be coming fast and furious for the next little while. Two days after posting Simon King's episode, we've got Jy Harris for y'all! It had been six long years since Jy was last with us and he returned a new man. He's found peace in his personal life. Or at least is on a never-ending quest for it. The guy meditates, is a vegan, reads new-age spiritual books, and experiments with microdoses of psychedelics. All just to get over feeling the Bern for the last eight months. We also talk about his real-life Jerry Springer-like upbringing and real-life Jerry Springer experience. Julian Angel-Joynt also makes an appearance to recite a pretty cool slam poem.

Here you go. Start listening. And keep going until it ends.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Aug. 28: Brett Martin

Brett Martin first (and last) was on What's So Funny? in 2009 when he first moved to Vancouver, if memory serves. He's back. The guy tours all over Canada doing standup. In September he's hosting a live talk show at Yuk Yuk's on Cambie with sidekick Sam Tonning. Only tonight I'll be asking the questions. See how he likes that. And I'll probably ask him some of the questions I asked back seven years ago because memory doesn't always serve.

We're on the air on 100.5 FM in Vancouver tonight at 11 pm. You can livestream us at or your TuneIn Radio app. So listen, why don't you?

Podcast episode 430ish: Simon King

We've got some catching up to do, podcast-wise. To get things back on track, here's the episode with Simon King recorded at the end of July. Mighty Mouth was back in studio after a 7.5 year absence. We talked about the Canadian ghettos of England, comedy intermissions (pros and cons), protest comedy, Donald J. Trump, funny voices, and political correctness. He also amazes me with his Asberger's-like knowledge of World War I aces.

 Get started on this immediately because more will be coming fast and furious. You can click below or download us at iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you happen to get your podcasts.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aug. 21: Jason Bryden

JB is back! Jason Bryden was last with us in 2011. He's since moved to the centre of the universe (Toronto) but was back in town for a family visit and I scooped him up. We recorded this a couple weeks ago. It's always fun talking to JB. And it's fun listening to him, too. He's quit comedy but is always funny. You recognize him from every other commercial on TV. That guy with the horns on the right? Yeah, that's him. Pretty accurate resemblance, too. Jason's joined the podcast bandwagon. His new baby is called In the Dark with Jason Bryden and it's available on iTunes and Stitcher and on its own website. Check it out. But only after you listen to him on What's So Funny?

We hit the airwaves at 11 pm on 100.5 FM in Vancouver. Jason in Toronto can livestream us at or on any reputable radio app.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aug. 14: Tim Nutt

Tonight we finally get to talk to Tim Nutt. The veteran (some would say legendary) comic has been doing comedy since 1993 and started right here in Vancouver, yet he's never been on the show before. He was headlining the Comedy MIX this weekend and I spoke with him on Friday late afternoon in the showroom. You've seen him on Just For Laughs if you've ever watched Just For Laughs because he's done so many of them. He's toured the country with the Just For Laughs comedy caravan, too. He manages all these big gigs despite living in the comedy outpost of West Kelowna (or the dark side of the moon, as he puts it). He's also in the running for SiriusXM's Top Comic competition with 25 grand on the table. Go vote for your favourites. Tim hopes it's him but won't force you.

We're on 100.5 FM tonight at 11 pm in Vancouver. Tune in! You can livestream us at, too, if you'd rather.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Aug. 7: Jy Harris

I can't keep track of Jy Harris but for one glorious night I'll know where he is – in the What's So Funny? studios. Jy was born in Ontario, started his standup career on the west coast, then moved to Toronto, and now... is back? I think. He is tonight anyway. We'll find out for sure. He's only been with us once before and that was way back in 2010. What's he been up to since then? Doing standup, acting, performing slam poetry, making videos, and feeling the Bern, sure, but what else? Hopefully he tells us. That photo to the right, by the way, has not been altered in any way. He really does give off that electricity when he's on stage. He's a live wire, that Jy.

We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver. You can livestream us at and elsewhere. Honestly.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31: Simon King

2009? Really? That was the last time Simon King joined us on What's So Funny? Get outta here. Regardless, he's back tonight. We've got tons of catching up to do. I know he lived for a good chunk in England. Maybe still does. He's back now. We'll find out for how long. And we'll find out if he's affected a British accent. I also know he's headlining a night of "protest comedy" at the Rickshaw on August 13. We'll find out what he's protesting.

We'll find out lotsa stuff so tune in to 100.5 FM tonight at 11 pm. Or stream us on one of them fancy radio streaming apps. Or at Go for it.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Podcast episode 429ish: Jeff Cooper & Grahaeme Cowie

Wednesday marks the big release of the pilot of Impotents so I say it's high time we release the podcast episode featuring the fathers of the animated series, Jeff Cooper and Grahaeme Cowie. The pair have known each other since high school where they would meet by the smoking doors and swap their doodles. When they decided to form an animation studio, they came to a fork in the road: Would they name it Smoking Doors Animation or Swap Your Doodles Studio? The former won out. And the rest is history. In this episode, they talk about their baby, Impotents, which features four super-cool buddies: Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh, and Artemis. Get all the latest on the project on their Facebook page.

Listen to the whole thing below. Or go download the episode at iTunes or Stitcher or wherever you can find it.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 3: Jeff Cooper & Grahaeme Cowie

After a couple of highlight episodes, we are back tonight with actual real live human guests. Jeff Cooper and Grahaeme Cowie from Smoking Doors, a small animation studio here in Vancouver, are making their What's So Funny? debut. The pair has been developing a series over the past three years and they're ready to release their pilot to the world this month. The show is called Impotents and is not, contrary to the title, about erectile dysfunction. It tells the story of four super buddies: Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh and Artemis. Not just four people with famous names – the originals themselves! All living in the modern world. Take a gander at the trailer:

We'll talk all about the project and the issues it tackles. And we'll find out all about the fellas themselves.

Tune in tonight at 11 pm on co-op radio 100.5 FM. If you can't find your radio, you can always livestream us at That'll do the trick. Talk at you then.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Podcast episodes 427ish and 428ish: 2015 Highlights

Did you miss our 2015 Highlights episodes, parts I and II? Fret not, they're here for your dancing pleasure. Right here in these two episodes you get the whole of 2015 in a proverbial nutshell. Snippets from every single show and guest we had that year. There's no way you heard all these episodes in their entirety. And even if you did, there's no way you can remember everything. These will either spur you on to check out the originals, or send you back in time to relive some of the great moments we had.

They're pretty self-explanatory so just hit play and start your time travelling journey. Links work below (or they should, anyway). If you'd rather go the iTunes or Stitcher route (or any other route), I'm okay with that.

2015 Highlights, Part I:

2015 Highlights, Part II:

Monday, June 20, 2016

Podcast episode 426ish: Glen Foster

Glen Foster is one of the founding fathers of Canadian standup. In 1982, he voyaged west with a ragtag bunch of comedian's from Toronto's Yuk Yuk's and brought laughs to our shores. God bless him. He's been bringing laughs to citizens from sea to sea ever since then. In this episode, we talk about that early trip as well as growing older and, as always with Foster, politics. I try my best to convince him that our dear leader, Justin, is doing good work. I get him to budge a little. Baby steps.

The episode is ready to go for you below. Or if you'd like to savour it, go download it at iTunes or Stitcher.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Highlights from 2015 (part 2)

Happy Father's Day. Tonight we've got six dads with us... plus 17 other guests. All magically teleported from 2015. That's right, it's our final installment of our highlights from all our shows in 2015. Surely you missed some of these the first time around. This might spur you on to check them in full out on iTunes or Stitcher. They're all readily available. Tonight we hear clips from the following (listed here in alphabetical order but we'll play them in a loose thematic order): Paul Anthony, Janice Bannister, Ian Boothby, Daniel Chai, Garrett Clark, Chad Daniels, Tanyalee Davis, David Dedrick, Fatima Dhowre, Robyn Daye Edwards, Chip Ellis, Mark Friebe, Goldie Hoffman, Jesse Joyce, Robert Kelly, Kathleen McGee, Aaron Read, Dylan Rhymer, Jacob Samuel, Erica Sigurdson, Bobby Slayton, Sheila Sharma, and Ron Vaudry.

Tune in to CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver at 11 pm. Or livestream us at or your favourite radio-listening app.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 12: Highlights from 2015 (part 1)

Earlier this year, I was listening to another podcast and they were playing highlights from their past year. What a grand idea, I thought to myself. It's too late now, but at the end of 2016, I'll do a highlight show. I gathered clips as we've gone along this year so I'm ready.

I was enjoying them so much, I thought about all the other years we've been on the air. So I started with the most recent one, 2015, and whenever I got a spare few minutes, I'd find clips from each of the episodes that year. There were 38 shows that year and I'm including clips from every single one of them. We'll do 19 this week and 19 next week.

Tonight you'll hear from (listed in alphabetical order but we'll go thematically when we play them): Dino Archie, Diana Bang, Steve Bays, Matt Bilinski, Andy Cañete, Graham Chittenden, Ewan Currie, Kate Davis, Ryan Hamilton, Mark B. Hughes with Jason Kryska, Ron Josol, Jesse Joyce (twice), Sean Lecomber, Lauren McGibbon, Craig Northey, Melanie Rose, Marcus Ryan, Dan Quinn, and Glenn Wool. A star-studded cast!

Tune in tonight at 11 in Vancouver on CFRO 100.5 FM or livestream us at

Sunday, June 5, 2016

June 5: Glen Foster

You know that Canadian guy who goes by the handle That Canadian Guy? Well, I've got him on What's So Funny? tonight. Glen Foster is his name, which you know if you've been following standup comedy in this country for the past 30 years. The Toronto comic has been with us before. The first visit is one of the lost episodes not available to the good people of Earth, although maybe it's floating around in space somewhere. The second visit was way back in 2012. Glen was in town headlining the local Yuk Yuk's when we sat down in his hotel room for a conversation which airs this very evening.

I'll hit the 'play' button at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM so tune in. If you're listening from Toronto, you'll want to stream us at at 2 am.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Podcast episode 425ish: Camille Mitchell

This episode is all about acting. We get tales from old Hollywood (and New York) as well as Camille Mitchell has been in the acting game her whole life, even if it took her a while to realize it. She's the daughter of bona fide Hollywood star Cameron Mitchell, who acted alongside such legends as Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole, and guested on virtually every single TV show in the '70s. Camille grew up in Vancouver (she explains how that happened), studied theatre at UBC and in London and tells us stories about cracking up on stage, being swarmed by Japanese tourists demanding autographs, working with Superman, and being punked by Burt Reynolds. What's even more exciting – this is her podcast debut!
Canadian stage and screen.

Listen, won't you? You can click on the gizmo below or go find us on iTunes, Stitcher, or some such place and download us to your device. Do it!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 29: Lauren McGibbon

Lauren McGibbon is back! She was just with us in September, but this time there's a new wrinkle – she'll be talking with Colleen Brow this time. As you may or may not have noticed, Colleen has been doing the last Sunday of each month. So far she's just done comedy clip shows, but the night is hers to program and tonight she programmed a guest. Lauren is a very funny improviser with Vancouver TheatreSports League. So tune in to CFRO 100.5 at 11 pm and hear what they have to talk about. You can livestream the show, too, if that's your preference, at I'll be listening... will you?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Podcast episode 424ish: Jessica Holmes

It's the world podcast premiere of Canada's darling, Jessica Holmes! Right here, right now (or whenever you download and listen to it). Holmes was in town from her base in Toronto doing a corporate charity gig so I nabbed her for the program. Holmes started in standup (well, improv in high school) before getting known as a sketch performer on television with the Royal Canadian Air Farce and her own vehicle, The Holmes Show. These days, she doesn't hang around comedy clubs much and she tells us why. We also get into her background as a missionary for the LDS church in Venezuela. What?! Yes, it's true. She also talks about depression and the importance of having different interests from one's spouse. Oh, and because WSF? is a Celine Dion-free zone, I didn't get her to do her most famous impression. Sorry about that.

So here you go. Have at it. Click below and start enjoying this world premiere. Or go download the show on iTunes or Stitcher or wherever else you download fine podcasts.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 22: Camille Mitchell

Tonight on the old program, we've got a real-life thespian. Camille Mitchell has been acting on stages in Vancouver and across Canada for decades. And she's acting on screens since 1980 (according to imdb). She also starred as Sheriff Nancy on Smallville for a few seasons. On top of that, her dad, Cameron Mitchell, was a big-time Hollywood star, appearing in literally hundreds of movies and TV shows, acting alongside of the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Orson Welles, Clark Gable and countless others. Should be a good conversation (spoiler alert: it is. We recorded this a few weeks ago).

So tune in tonight to 100.5 FM at 11 pm to hear lots of tales of professional acting. You can livestream us at

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 15: Jessica Holmes

Tonight we've got Canada's darling, Jessica Holmes, on What's So Funny? She was all over our TV sets not that long ago. She had her own sketch show, The Holmes Show, and then became a castmember of the long-running Royal Canadian Air Farce. Holmes is a quadruple threat: not only is she proficient at standup, sketch and improv, she's also an in-demand motivational speaker. So if you've been wondering where she's been the last few years, she's been on stages all across the country regularly; they're just not open to the public. She's doing corporate work. We talk all about that and tons more tonight. I know this because we pre-recorded the show a few weeks ago when she was in town doing a fundraiser. Oh, and while she's done tons of TV and radio before, this was her first ever podcast (yes, it technically counts as just radio tonight but in a few days when the podcast drops, it'll be a world exclusive!).

Tune in tonight at 11 pm to CFRO 100.5 FM. If you're somewhere other than Vancouver, take into consideration our Pacific time zone and livestream us at

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Podcast episode 423ish: Richard Lett

Say what you will about Richard Lett, but the man is compelling. He's been on the show lots and we never run out of things to talk about. In this episode, recorded on a park bench, we talked about acting, auditions, thrift stores, serendipity, addiction, Oscar Wilde and Epicurus. Oh, and his one-man show, Sober But Never Clean. He even spontaneously performs a long slam poem he wrote. I turned it into a beat poem by dubbing in a walking bass line and drummer. Sounds cool. Snap your fingers.

Have a listen. Click below or go download us at iTunes or Stitcher or some place like that.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8: Richard Lett

Happy Mother's Day! To celebrate, we have on one mother of a comedian, Richard Lett. Lett, a many-time guest on What's So Funny?, was visiting from his new(ish) home in Toronto a week or two ago and we got together to talk about what's new in his world. We found a park bench and went at it. As always with Richard, it was a rollicking good time. And he even spontaneously performed a long poem he wrote. I added a walking bass line and drums to make it more beatnik.

Tune in to CFRO 100.5 FM from 11 to midnight. Outside of Vancouver, livestream us at Or inside Vancouver, if that's how you roll.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Podcast episode 422ish: Julie Kim

Here you go, kiddies. It's me and Julie Kim getting to know each other. Mostly me getting to know her. In this episode, she talks about her pregnancy, her highfalutin edumacation, and growing up a rebellious chubby kid eating way too much candy and drinking way too much pop. And she tells us her keys to networking success.

It's all ready for you to listen to so what are you waiting for? Get on it! If you see a little doodad below, click on it and sound will appear. If not, go hunt us down on iTunes or Stitcher or some such place you can download us at.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May 1: Julie Kim

We've got a brand new guest tonight. Julie Kim makes her What's So Funny? debut. And I believe she becomes the first guest in the 12-year history of the show who is pregnant. Exciting! Julie's only been doing comedy for six years but already plays festivals and galas all over the country. And on top of that, she's busy in the academic world teaching and studying for her Ph. D. Crazy. Maybe she's our first Ph.D. student guest, too. It's a night of firsts on this May First.

We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM. If your radio is broke or you're in some far-off land, you can livestream us at

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Podcast episode 421ish: Dino Archie

I love talking with Dino Archie, whether we record it or not. That's why I keep having him back. This is his fourth solo appearance on the show. Once he came on with Sunee Dahliwal. And another time he guest hosted for me. But he's never been hotter than he is right now. The guy's career is on fire. He just filmed a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Adam Devine's House Party. He won the Seattle Comedy Competition in November. He's got a new album coming out later this month called Settling Old Scores. And he's about to bring his VanCity Comedy Extravaganza to the River Rock Show Theatre stage (Saturday, April 30). This episode was recorded during the radio station's spring member drive (if you'd like to become a member or simply donate to the station, go to and click on 'donate'). When that happens, I usually edit out the pitches for the podcast. But because Dino jumped in and made them fun, I decided to keep them in.

Enjoy this one like I did. You can click on the gizmo below if your browser lets you see it. If not, head over to iTunes or Stitcher or a place like that and download us into your head.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Apr. 17: Dino Archie

It's Dino Archie time again, ladies and germs! Dino has been on the show numerous times before. With this appearance, he now joins the exclusive 5-time Member Club along with Paul Anthony, Steve Bays, Graham Clark, Ian Boothby, Will Davis, Harry Doupe, Darren Frost, Richard Lett, Darcy Michael, Kliph Nesteroff, Dylan Rhymer, and Tim Rykert. I guess that's not so exclusive after all. But fine company, nonetheless. Dino's been on a roll lately. He won the most recent Seattle International Comedy Competition and even more recently taped a set on Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show. His star is on the rise. And on April 30, he's getting together another one of his Comedy Extravaganzas at the River Rock Show Theatre featuring himself, Graham Clark (see list above), Darcy Michael (see list above), Ivan Decker (former guest of WSF?), Dave Merheje (former guest of WSF?), Kathleen McGee (former guest of WSF?) and New York comic Mike Blaustein. All for the low, low price of under $20. You can't afford not to go! Dino's one of my favourite people to talk to whether it's on the show or on the town, so I'm looking forward to it.

We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver and around the world streaming at or whatever radio app you use. So no reason to miss us.

Podcast episode 420ish: Ed Hill

Here we are at episode 420. It's only fitting that our guest would be a guy who's never done drugs. Ed Hill and I talk about that. We also talk about piano lessons, crabbing, ghosts and gout. He tells us what he Googles whenever he visits a new city and how one of his tweets made Jimmy Fallon laugh. He also explains why he's a "weirdo whisperer," which also happens to be the title of his upcoming CD.

It's yours for the taking. Click on the gizmo or go download us at iTunes or Stitcher or another such place.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Podcast episode 419ish: Caitlin Howden

A lovely chat with a lovely person on a lovely day. It all came together in this episode when I spoke with improviser extraordinaire Caitlin Howden on a park bench overlooking False Creek on a warm sunny day watching the world go by. She told me about being a dominating Grade 6 basketball player, breaking her coach's heart, having her Grade 9 improv teacher break Caitlin's heart, and Ian, her crush, breaking her heart. But there's more than heartbreak in this one. We talk about reality TV, the Sunday Service, Second City and other things you'll just have to download to hear. Caitlin recommends you go for a walk while listening to get the full outdoors effect.

You can start your journey by clicking on the gizmo below. But I think in order to be mobile, you'll need to go put this episode in your device at iTunes or Stitcher or someplace like that. Go now.

Apr. 10: Ed Hill

Tonight in studio we welcome back Ed Hill. Probably from somewhere, too. The guy is always out on the road, performing around the world. Since last with us in 2013, Ed's appeared on Gotham Comedy Live and even had Jimmy Fallon read one of his tweets on air. He's got a new CD out called Weirdo Whisperer that he recorded in a theatre in Seattle. Maybe we'll get to hear a track or two from it. And we'll find out what else is new in his life and I may ask him whatever I forgot from when he was with us the first time.

We're on the air at 11 pm, as usual, on CFRO 100.5 FM. If your radio's, you can always livestream us on or one of those special radio-streaming apps that are all the rage.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Podcast episode 418ish: Dave Merheje

Dave Merheje, representing the YQG, joined us for an hour to talk about nothing in particular and everything in general. I didn't know he had moved away from Toronto and is now living in Los Angeles. So there you go. We talked about his religious upbringing, rap and hip-hop, towns he could do without, a rant against Justin Beiber followed by a mea culpa, good gigs gone bad, and ethnic comedy shows.

It's all here for your listening pleasure. You just have to click on the gizmo below or go find us in iTunes, Stitcher or other such places. We're now available in search engines near you.