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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Podcast episode 312ish: Matt Davis

Hey, better late than never, right? That's my motto. The Matt Davis episode aired a few weeks ago but it's only now I'm releasing it in podcast form. Why, you ask? Who knows? Tempus fugit, baby. That's all I got.

The episode was my first encounter with the southern gentleman and we had a grand ole time conversing. As I recall, we even kept it going for at least as long after I stopped recording. On air we talked about the history of the U.S. south, wearing tuxedos for breakfast, being a teenaged stand-up comic, performing in the Middle East, books, and what it means to take offence at something.

So there you go. Sorry for my tardiness but hopefully it'll be all the more sweet in the waiting. Click below or go download it at iTunes (or your desired podcast server).

Apr. 28: Marcus Ryan

Our old mate Marcus Ryan drops by tonight for his third appearance on What's So Funny? I'd say Vancouver is a second home for the Aussie comic but it's probably more like the 40th. The guy is a real vagabond. I know he's toured in over 40 countries and I believe he's performed in most of them. We'll find out where his latest travels have taken him. And if we run out of topics, there's always the old standby: Rolf Harris!

Tune in tonight from 11 to midnight PST at 100.5 FM in Vancouver or livestream us at

Monday, April 15, 2013

Podcast episode 311ish: Karen O'Keefe

When Toronto-based stand-up comic Karen O'Keefe made her first professional foray into Vancouver, we felt we had to commemorate the occasion with an appearance on What's So Funny? In this episode, I learned more about the Northwest Territories, where she grew up, than I knew before, which, granted, wasn't a lot to begin with. We also got to the bottom of her issue with men, figured out what celebrities she looks like, and cross-referenced a checklist of red-head traits even though she's just an "enhanced" ginger.

That's all you need to get started. Now go to it. You can also download the episode on iTunes if your druthers prefer.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apr. 14: Matt Davis

Tonight on What's So Funny? we bring a touch of the old south to Canadian radio. Alabama-born and -bred stand-up comic Matt Davis. Matt was playing Laffline's Comedy Club out in New Westminster last weekend so I made the trek out to the Royal City to talk to him. And what a wide-ranging talk it was. After our hour was up, we walked up the street to a coffee shop and continued for another hour talking about politics, philosophy and sociology. The guy is extremely well read. You might think that's unnecessary for a guy who's known as a dirty comic, but the broad base of knowledge informs his jokes. As Dave Attell said of him, "He's funny, filthy, dirty, but smart funny, filthy, dirty." Or as noted, "Matt Davis is like the Leonardo Da Vinci of cock jokes."

So join us tonight at 11 pm PST. You know where to find us: 100.5 FM or livestream at And as always, if you miss it, we got you covered. It'll be available in podcast format next week. We'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New vids: Brent Butt & Nate Bargatze

It's been a while since I made any video snippets. Thought I'd give it another whirl. To watch all 21, go to my YouTube channel. You'll see highlights from shows featuring, alphabetically, Dino Archie, Scott Aukerman, Steve Bays, Ryan Beil, Craig Campbell, Nikki Glaser, Gilbert Gottfried, Phil Hanley, Paul Hooper, Ken Lawson, Norm Macdonald, Marc Maron, Brian McKim, Phil Nichol, Bill Reiter, Bob Robertson, Paul Shirley, Baron Vaughn, and Glenn Wool.

The latest two are from shows in December of 2012. The first is Brent Butt talking about the most common acting direction tip he gets:

The second is Nate Bargatze talking about not getting recognized:

Monday, April 1, 2013

Podcast episode 310ish: Darren Frost & Kenny Robinson

This is no April Fool's joke. I really did talk to Darren Frost and Kenny Robinson. And we really did air it on the radio eight days ago. And this really is the podcast of that show. It clocks in at a cool 1 hour 18 minutes and change. But there were two guys with lots to say. They were in Vancouver performing their Rank & Vile show but this interview is neither rank nor vile. These are two family men, after all.

Have a listen here, at, or do what millions of others do (with other podcasts) and download the episode at iTunes or another podcast server.