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Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25: Iliza Shlesinger

It's been a few weeks since we've had a new guest on the show. That's rectified tonight. The station is still in moving upheaval so I can't have any live guests in studio. But last night I sat down with the star of War PaintIliza Shlesinger for half an hour before her early show at Yuk Yuk's on Cambie. (She was fully clothed.) It's her third time on the program so you can search for the others if this segment isn't enough for you. So that's what I'll air tonight. To round out the show, I'll include some comedy clips from her and others. Sounds like a plan, right? The station makes its move this week. It'll be a few more weeks before we can have a guest in there. Who will be the first guest at the new location? Who knows?! If you're interested, drop me a line.

We're on the air at 11 pm PST at CFRO, 100.5 FM, in Vancouver. If you've thrown out your transistor radio along with your word processor and home phone, you can always livestream us at Got it?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4: Kyle Bottom

Kyle at his goodbye party.
Tonight we say so long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen and good-bye to Kyle Bottom. The Tsawwassen native is playing his last show in Vancouver on May 6 at the Comedy MIX before moving to Toronto for... the summer. I guess that means he's back in September. Maybe he can't hack the cold. But he'll probably become a big star and we'll never see the likes of him again. Tonight on his third visit to What's So Funny?, we'll find out all about his big move. He's not the only one temporarily moving. CFRO is off to a new location in a couple of weeks for 18 months. Bottom might be our last live guest at the old place. Like how we planned that?

Tune in to 100.5 FM in Vancouver at 11 pm or livestream us

Friday, May 2, 2014

Podcast episode 345ish: Donovan Patrick Mahoney

Donovan Patrick Mahoney
(photo by Darko Sikman Photography)
Ten years doing this show and Donovan Patrick Mahoney was the first guest who wasn't freaked out by coming down to the Downtown East Side at night. Why? He spent many a day and night in the 'hood during his days as a heroin addict. He tells us about his harrowing life on the streets, growing up in the idyllic countryside, OD'ing, getting clean, and doing comedy. One radio listener said, "I learned more about First Nations from that comedian in an hour than I have all my life."

On the air at What's So Funny?
(Photo by Donovan Patrick Mahoney)
Donovan is also a pretty great photographer. He took this shot while talking to me, that's how good he is.

Check it out right here. Or go to iTunes and download it. Stitcher works, too, if that's how you roll. Or PodcastLand.