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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Podcast episode 431ish: Jy Harris

I told you the podcasts would be coming fast and furious for the next little while. Two days after posting Simon King's episode, we've got Jy Harris for y'all! It had been six long years since Jy was last with us and he returned a new man. He's found peace in his personal life. Or at least is on a never-ending quest for it. The guy meditates, is a vegan, reads new-age spiritual books, and experiments with microdoses of psychedelics. All just to get over feeling the Bern for the last eight months. We also talk about his real-life Jerry Springer-like upbringing and real-life Jerry Springer experience. Julian Angel-Joynt also makes an appearance to recite a pretty cool slam poem.

Here you go. Start listening. And keep going until it ends.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Aug. 28: Brett Martin

Brett Martin first (and last) was on What's So Funny? in 2009 when he first moved to Vancouver, if memory serves. He's back. The guy tours all over Canada doing standup. In September he's hosting a live talk show at Yuk Yuk's on Cambie with sidekick Sam Tonning. Only tonight I'll be asking the questions. See how he likes that. And I'll probably ask him some of the questions I asked back seven years ago because memory doesn't always serve.

We're on the air on 100.5 FM in Vancouver tonight at 11 pm. You can livestream us at or your TuneIn Radio app. So listen, why don't you?

Podcast episode 430ish: Simon King

We've got some catching up to do, podcast-wise. To get things back on track, here's the episode with Simon King recorded at the end of July. Mighty Mouth was back in studio after a 7.5 year absence. We talked about the Canadian ghettos of England, comedy intermissions (pros and cons), protest comedy, Donald J. Trump, funny voices, and political correctness. He also amazes me with his Asberger's-like knowledge of World War I aces.

 Get started on this immediately because more will be coming fast and furious. You can click below or download us at iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you happen to get your podcasts.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aug. 21: Jason Bryden

JB is back! Jason Bryden was last with us in 2011. He's since moved to the centre of the universe (Toronto) but was back in town for a family visit and I scooped him up. We recorded this a couple weeks ago. It's always fun talking to JB. And it's fun listening to him, too. He's quit comedy but is always funny. You recognize him from every other commercial on TV. That guy with the horns on the right? Yeah, that's him. Pretty accurate resemblance, too. Jason's joined the podcast bandwagon. His new baby is called In the Dark with Jason Bryden and it's available on iTunes and Stitcher and on its own website. Check it out. But only after you listen to him on What's So Funny?

We hit the airwaves at 11 pm on 100.5 FM in Vancouver. Jason in Toronto can livestream us at or on any reputable radio app.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aug. 14: Tim Nutt

Tonight we finally get to talk to Tim Nutt. The veteran (some would say legendary) comic has been doing comedy since 1993 and started right here in Vancouver, yet he's never been on the show before. He was headlining the Comedy MIX this weekend and I spoke with him on Friday late afternoon in the showroom. You've seen him on Just For Laughs if you've ever watched Just For Laughs because he's done so many of them. He's toured the country with the Just For Laughs comedy caravan, too. He manages all these big gigs despite living in the comedy outpost of West Kelowna (or the dark side of the moon, as he puts it). He's also in the running for SiriusXM's Top Comic competition with 25 grand on the table. Go vote for your favourites. Tim hopes it's him but won't force you.

We're on 100.5 FM tonight at 11 pm in Vancouver. Tune in! You can livestream us at, too, if you'd rather.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Aug. 7: Jy Harris

I can't keep track of Jy Harris but for one glorious night I'll know where he is – in the What's So Funny? studios. Jy was born in Ontario, started his standup career on the west coast, then moved to Toronto, and now... is back? I think. He is tonight anyway. We'll find out for sure. He's only been with us once before and that was way back in 2010. What's he been up to since then? Doing standup, acting, performing slam poetry, making videos, and feeling the Bern, sure, but what else? Hopefully he tells us. That photo to the right, by the way, has not been altered in any way. He really does give off that electricity when he's on stage. He's a live wire, that Jy.

We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver. You can livestream us at and elsewhere. Honestly.