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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan. 30: Larke Miller

There's a new girl in town with a brand new style. She was just passing through, but if things work out she's gonna stay awhile. Ba ba bum bum bummm.

No, it's not TV's Alice. I mean, yes, those are the lyrics to the theme song to that venerable old TV show. But it kinda fits for our guest tonight, Larke Miller. I've only briefly met Larke once, but here's what I know: She was born and raised here in Vancouver so she's not exactly a new girl in town. But she's lived in LA for a while and is back now. She studied with the famous Groundlings comedy troupe, performed stand-up on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, has been interviewed by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, and twice made the L.A. finals of Last Comic Standing. We'll find out more about why she left La-La Land to return home. And we'll also find out what she has in common with Lindsay Lohan. Should be a good one. Stay tuned... Or at least tune in at 11 pm. I don't expect you to listen from now until then.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan. 23: Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony is the modern-day Ted Mack. Yes, there are more contemporary references I could make, but that'd be too easy. You're already at this site; how hard is it to toggle on over to Google? They say you learn something new every day, so why not get it out of the way right now?

Anyway, back to Paul Anthony. While we're on comparisons, how about a cross between Pee Wee Herman and Crispin Glover? The irrepressible Mr. Anthony, besides being an actor of repute and the father to many a comedic alter-ego (Hugh Phukovsky, Porker), hosts a monthly variety showcase at the Biltmore Cabaret the first Wednesday of every month. The next one – its 3-year anniversary – is drawing nigh: a week and a half, to be exact, Feb. 2. Check out this line-up according to Talent Time's Facebook page:
2 of our favourite entertainers share the stage together for the first time. Not since Elton John joined Eminem at the Grammy's has there been a more anticipated musical collaboration.......

✔- A hilariously epic duet between Teen Pop Sensation I,KANDEE & 11 year old NHEMY CEPEDA!!!


✔-BC's #1 Senior's Entertainment Troupe: THE VAUDEVILLIANS!!

✔-The King of the Ukulele: RALPH SHAW!!


┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼ ┼

Stay after the show for KARAOKE & CHAMPAGNE with WEEKEND LEISURE!! If you can stay and celebrate with us and VancouverIsAwesome we would love it.
Oh, and did I mention Paul will be our guest live in studio tonight? Well, he will. And we'll talk about this show (is it chalk full of irony or is his earnestness honest?) and lots, lots more. So tune in at 11. Details are somewhere over there ––> in the right panel.

(Oh, and speaking of VancouverIsAwesome, I never plugged the little interview with yours truly from last month. Read it here. That sounds like an order, but it isn't. Just a point of information.)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Podcast episode 215ish: Paul Bae

I'm slowly getting caught up around here. As proof, I offer you now the Paul Bae episode, recorded Dec. 19, 2010. There's a good 15 minutes on Paul's philosophy of religion. We also discuss why he keeps a clean desk on jobs, talk about his experience on Comedy Death-Ray years ago in Los Angeles, and what it takes to get him to cry. It was our last show of 2010, if you're keeping track at home.

Have a listen here or over at iTunes. If iTunes is your poison, you'll notice we finally got a review! Now that the ice has been broken, feel free to add your own. Good or bad.

Oh, and hey, have you checked out our upcoming line-up? We're booked solid for the next little while. We've got Talent Time's Paul Anthony this Sunday, then new Vancouver addition Larke Miller, who you might have seen on Craig Ferguson, the following week. February starts off with some of the comics from the Snowed In Comedy Tour, then American Dino Archie, dual citizen Pete Johansson, and man-about-town Johnny Scoop. And March 13th sees the return of former Great Canadian Laugh-Off $25,000 winner Paul Myerhaug. Good times!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Podcast episode 214ish: Andrew Carr

I'm a bit late with the last two podcasts. There were some technical issues I had while away over the Christmas holidays. I apologize because I know you must have been counting the days waiting. This one is definitely worth the wait. I had a grand old time when Andrew Carr visited us in December. I think the show is a really good one, too. Andrew talked about writing for Corner Gas and Hiccups, gave some advice to newbies hoping to break into the TV writing game, regaled us with stories of a failed stand-up tour with Brent Butt and Joel Walmsley called The Lords of Flatland, and growing up the youngest of ten kids. I even almost got him to trash a former employer but he would have none of it. He's a crafty veteran and knows all the interviewer's tricks so he wouldn't bite.

Have a listen here or download What's So Funny? at iTunes or any of your fancy high-end podcast servers near you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan. 16: Mike Storck

It was a comedy weekend for me. A great one, too. On Friday night, I moseyed down to the Comedy Mix to see American comic, Chad Daniels at a sold-out show. I'd never heard of him before but noted that he had been on Conan O'Brien's version of The Tonight Show so knew he had some credentials. I know, credentials are usually never an indication of much, but in this case, they were. Daniels was hilarious. Great joke writing and persona. Able to do the "I can't stand my wife and kids" thing without being derivative of Louis CK. But that was just part of his varied material. Next time he's in town, I'm definitely going back.

Then last night, I trekked out to New Westminster to see Baltimore-based Mike Storck. Mike's been through town a couple of times now and I'd never seen him before. He wowed a packed crowd telling tales of doing comedy for old folks on cruise ships and delivering pizza, among other topics. And no doubt we'll also get more into those stories tonight on What's So Funny?

What? Yes, Storck will be our guest live in studio tonight. And unlike many an international guest, Mike's actually done his homework and listened to a few past episodes of the podcast. So he knows the drill. I'm looking forward to getting to know him tonight. Fingers crossed he doesn't get lost on his way back from Whistler this afternoon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan. 9: We're back

Welcome to the first post of 2011. That's inexcusable but I really, truly am a lazy, lazy man. Still, we've got a show to do tonight. We're going to ease into the new year with guestless show. These guestless shows never make the transition to podcast so you'll have to listen live if you want to listen at all. We'll play some comedy clips and talk a bit and gear up for our stellar next three weeks with guests Mike Storck from Baltimore, Talent Time's Paul Anthony, and the lovely Larke Miller. So that's that. Looks like I'm easing into writing posts, too.