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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Podcast episode 522ish: Colin Heath

In this episode we go on a journey throughout Colin Heath's career, from junior high school productions to Vancouver theatre to international stops with Cirque du Soleil. Colin is a clown in the best sense of the word. He joined us freshly scrubbed of his painted-on moustache he sports at Bacio Rosso and we discussed why people are afraid of clowns, reminisced about the good old days at Oak Bay high, he told us how he ended up residing in Magog, Quebec, and how audiences react to comedy differently all over the world. We also learned that we have another connection with Heath: his daughter, actress Lili Beaudoin, is the sweetheart of friend to What's So Funny? Ryan Beil. Small world.

Listen to the episode right here and now. Or you can download it at iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, or wherever you find fine quality podcasts.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Jan. 27: Colin Heath

Our first clown! Tonight on the show our very special guest is the esteemed Colin Heath, an actor/musician/artist/clown. I mean, sidekick Sam Tonning is a clown in his own lovable way, but Colin is a professional. Perhaps you've seen him acting in Axis Theatre's "The Number 14" (which he also co-wrote), TV's Stargate as Alien, or in Cirque du Soleil somewhere in the world. The Victoria native, who now resides in Montreal, is in Vancouver performing in Bacio Rosso at Queen Elizabeth Park. We'll talk about all that, plus a special connection he and I have.

We're on the air at 11 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM here in sunny Vancouver. Tune in on your radio box or livestream us at or find us on the TuneIn Radio app.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Podcast episode 521ish: Brittany Lyseng

We had a great talk with our first guest of 2019, Calgary's own Brittany Lyseng. We discussed the perils of elevator and escalator travel, weird insects in fruit boxes, girls rugby, nice teachers, and putting together a Canadian Blue Collar Comedy show, among other topics. Brittany is at Yuk Yuk's Vancouver this weekend recording her first album. I do believe she's the first non-604 area code resident on the 604 record label.

Check it out below or on iTunes or Stitcher or Podbean or wherever you can find it.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Jan. 13: Brittany Lyseng

Our first guest of 2019 is an out-of-towner. Brittany Lyseng joins us in studio all the way from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It's her first time on the show so we'll find out all about her, from her humble beginnings in heavy duty construction to her finals in the Sirius-XM Top Comic competition. Brittany was in the area headlining the Yuk Yuk's in Abbotsford this week and will be at the downtown club next weekend recording an album.

We're on the air at 100.5 FM tonight at 11 pm. Friends and family and fans of Lyseng's can listen all the way from Alberta by livestreaming us on or finding us on the TuneIn Radio app.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Podcast episode 520ish: Dave Nystrom

Our latest podcast episode sees old friend Dave Nystrom back in studio after a 14-year absense. What? Fourteen years? How is that possible? Well, he did guest five years ago, but we recorded that off-site. Dave was back in town on a Sunday ahead of his New Year's Eve gig at Lafflines so it was a no-brainer to bring him in. The Thunder Bay native Nystrom started his standup career right here in Vancouver. He then lived for a decade in Hollywood, before moving to Calgary a few years ago to raise his thirty children... Okay, maybe I exaggerate but anything over two kids may as well be thirty. In this episode, he tells us about the perils of parenthood, living amongst the stars in LA, and reminisces about the Urban Well days in Vancouver.

Have a listen. Right here or go download the episode at iTunes, Stitcher or Podbean. Ask for "What's So Funny?" with a question mark. Free while supplies last.

Podcast episode 519ish: Harry Doupe

Relive the glory of 2018 with our regular year-end (or thereabouts) guest Harry Doupe. Come for the recap; stay for the stories. Harry's always got lots of stories and reminiscences from his many years in Canadian show business. And for the second year in a row, he's come bearing gifts. Such a thoughtful guy. It's always a treat when he joins us. I don't have to prepare much. I just throw out a name or topic and he's off to the races. That's his real gift.

And our gift to you is this episode. Enjoy it, and pass it on to your loved ones. You can listen on the link below or go download us at iTunes or Stitcher or Podbean.