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Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9: Brett Martin

Tonight What's So Funny? welcomes Winnipeg's own Brett Martin. Or is he Calgary's own? Whatever he is, he's Vancouver's own Brett Martin now. What else do I know about the man? Not much, other than he has a dormant blog that looks exactly like our blog, complete with the Converse star in the corner. His blog, though, is really good. I wish he'd update it, but reading past entries is entertaining enough. I'll link you to it but don't get all confused when you see the almost identical layout. His came first. And while our blog might not be as good, it certainly is more current.

Seriously, that's about all I know about Brett. I've seen his standup act once and was impressed. But I'll do my due research before airtime and we'll have lots to talk about, don't you worry. It'll be a riveting hour, believe you me. So tune in. I know I will.

The hour will cap an interesting weekend of comedy. It started with Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir at the Red Robinson theatre in Coquitlam. Some very funny stuff, too many dick jokes for my liking, and way too many yahoos screaming shit out. Then Saturday night I caught Bob Newhart at the River Rock. His opener was the Jack Stafford Big Band. I love jazz and big band music, and they were great, but I just find it an odd pairing. It's like my worlds colliding.

It was my third time seeing Bob. I feel I can call him Bob because I've interviewed him three times and he's just so nice and accomodating. His show isn't hilarious. I know many people who've gone to his show all excited and came away disappointed, but he is what he is. Warm and gentle and humorous. He stammers out street jokes, but makes them his own, and throws in one classic bit for old time's sake (this time it was Sir Walter Raleigh Introduces Tobacco to Civilization). Not hilarious or groundbreaking, but like that funny, but low-key, uncle you have.

Great comedy coming up this week, too. On Friday it's Louis CK at the Vogue, the Just For Laughs comedy tour at the Centre and Dame Edna at River Rock. She's also there on Saturday. And the weekend ends when we welcome Byron Bertram back to the studio.

I'll try to have something on Louis CK for you in a day or two, so check back when you get a chance.

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