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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oct. 18: Danny Mendlow

We've got a really interesting show tonight. Got a young tyke on by the name of Danny Mendlow. Danny does stand-up comedy, but even more than that he's got his dirty fingerprints all over the internet. One of his videos was banned by YouTube, pussies that they are. But it's found a life of its own so you may have already seen it. If not, here it is for you:

Religion - watch more funny videos

Mendlow also has an animated series on the life of Jesus in the modern world (watch the first season at, has tons of slick videos on, and Or check out his own site,, where you can see all manner of offensive comedy, be it stand-up, sketch or music. Here's another for your viewing pleasure:

Should be a fun show. Check it out. Oh, and since it's our annual membership drive, you might want to consider calling in and donating to the station. In return, I've got some goodies to give away.


Anonymous said...

The downtown song was pretty cute :) Good luck to Danny with getting a show on fox, it is kind of weird that network carries such subversive animation but so be it... Umm, was that pledge drive phone number only for regular business hours or something? I tried phoning a couple times during the show but nobody picked up. 604 684 8494 is what it says on the website anyway. I can probably try again at a more reasonable hour but I was looking forwards to snagging some of those goodies you have.


Anonymous said...

Checked out that, very funny stuff!