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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Two new podcasts... and they really are new(ish)

We're really getting caught up to speed here with the podcasts. No, last week's isn't up yet, but the two before it are. They're good ones, too, with big-time(y) American guests. Check 'em out, either right here or go to iTunes. Either way is fine with me.

Tom Segura & Jon Reep, from Sept. 20, 2009:

Scott Aukerman, from Sept. 27, 2009:

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, last time I posted a comment it seemed to vanish. Hope it's not because I crossed a boundary or something! Technology making me paranoid... Anyway I seem to remember hearing you say you were a bob odenkirk fan a while back. I just finished watching episode 8 of Breaking Bad where they introduce him as a slimy yet effective lawyer and he totally rocks. Hopefully the cartels don't go wasting his character any time soon though.