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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The ratings are in and we are... who knows?

I don't have regular access to the numbers but I got a look today and it's just interesting to see the relative popularity of podcast episodes and transcripted interviews. There's no rhyme or reason that I can see. Obviously, the ones on-line for a longer time have a greater chance of more hits, but that's about all I can tell.

Most of my phone interviews I do for the paper are eventually transcribed and hosted at the Comedy Couch site. These are generally interviews with name comics. Here are the top 20 by request (presumably this means hits):
  1. Martin Short
  2. Greg Behrendt
  3. Louis CK
  4. Ryan Stiles
  5. Cedric the Entertainer
  6. Dave Coulier
  7. Norm MacDonald
  8. Don Rickles (the first interview)
  9. Craig Ferguson
  10. Bob Newhart (the second interview)
  11. Russell Peters
  12. Dana Carvey
  13. Tommy Smothers
  14. Colin Mochrie (the first interview)
  15. Ellen DeGeneres
  16. Keith Johnstone
  17. Steven Wright
  18. Colin Mochrie (the second interview)
  19. Ron White
  20. Nancy Robertson
Interesting that Nancy squeaks into the top 20 ahead of her hubby Brent Butt. And big ups to Colin Mochrie for being the only one to crack the top 20 twice. Well done, sir. Your fans love you.

Over on the podcast side, I've had a few celebrity comics on over the years, but mostly just working local comics and occasionally a national one. Here's the top 20 by request (once again, I have no idea how they come up with these; I'm just reporting what I'm reading).
  1. Kevin Lee (guest hosted by Morgan Brayton)
  2. Janice Bannister (guest hosted by Graham Clark)
  3. Aubrey Tennant
  4. Riel Hahn
  5. Brent Butt
  6. Barry Greenfield
  7. Todd Allen & Phil Hanley
  8. John Wing
  9. Andrew Connor
  10. Carter Hortie
  11. Jenn Grant & Erica Sigurdson
  12. Mark Dennison
  13. Paul Bae & Dana Alexander (our very first show)
  14. Alistair Cook, Taz VanRassle & Ryan Beil
  15. Jay Brown
  16. Kevin Foxx
  17. Daniel Packard (his second appearance)
  18. Sarah Silverman
  19. Pete Johansson
  20. Jeff & Ryan Gladstone
How'd you like that? The two most popular shows are when I had a guest host.

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