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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov. 14: Michelle Shaughnessy

Tonight we've got one ingredient to a bitch salad. Sound crude and offensive? Hey, I'm working on very little information. All I know about tonight's guest, Michelle Shaughnessy, is that she's a former Toronto stand-up comic who moved recently to Vancouver. And that she has done an all-female show in T.O. called Bitch Salad. This shot of her here is a promo pic from said show. Having met her a couple of times now, I do know she's not over six feet tall, like the photo suggests. But that's about it. The rest, we'll find out tonight, I guess. I love it when I know very little about a guest prior to the show. Makes me feel like Larry King.

So tune in tonight at 11. Station and streaming info is over there on the right somewhere. Oh, and do take the time to click on the banner above and vote on the Podcast Awards. Remember, all those famous comics who do great popular podcasts don't need the publicity. Why contribute to their further success when you can help little old us? It's the decent thing to do.

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