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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Podcast episode 207ish: Art Factora

Who was slumming it? Me or Art Factora? I thought Art was, because he's worked in commercial radio for years. For him to come down to our dog and pony show at co-op radio was generous. He thought I was slumming it for having a comic who's not yet a headliner on. It's true that most of my guests are headliners, but there have been others. In each case, it's because they had something else on the go. In Art's case, it was his work in radio. See how it all comes around?

In this podcast episode, you'll hear about Factora's transformation from Arthur to Art, the pros and cons of comedy classes, the size of mangos in the Philippines, how Pearl Jam changed his life, and why Pauly Shore is a douche.

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