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Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23: Kyle Bottom

Tonight Kyle Bottom makes his solo debut on What's So Funny? His first time through, back in 2011, I had a special guest co-host in Scott McLean. But we're going mano-a-mano this time. You ever wonder how I book guests? This is how tonight's episode came about. I was at the Comedy MIX last night, where Kyle, along with Ivan Decker, advanced in a Sirius Radio comedy competition. I walk outside after the show where I bump into Kyle. We talk a bit and he casually says I should have him on the show again. Turns out I had no guest this week and he's available, so here we are. He'll bring his booming voice to the studio and we'll get started around 11 pm at 100.5 FM. Won't you join us? I mean, tune in. Don't come down to the studio. We have limited microphones.

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