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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 is in the books

Look at that: another year come and gone. Thanks for hanging out. Tonight's show will be a repeat... er, a special encore presentation. I haven't decided which one yet, so it'll be a surprise for you. It'll be one from the past year, I know that.

Which brings us to our yearly stats, a grand tradition started last year. Okay, not so grand and not quite a tradition, but let's make it one. Before we break it down for you, let's recap the record books back to 2009 (although we've been on the air since 2004).

In 2009, we did 42 shows (some weeks, like tonight, are repeats while others we play comedy clips. I'm talking only of the shows with guests.) Some weeks we have multiple guests so we can assume there were more than 42 guests in 2009, but I'm not about to check.

In 2010, we did 38 shows, which marks the low point in our records.

Last year was the high point: We did 44 shows in 2011 with 53 unique guests (and two of those guests made it on twice).

2012 was somewhere in the middle. We did 41 shows with guests with a total of 47 guests. We'll take that.

Here's a list of everyone who was on What's So Funny? this past year. A big thanks to each and every one of them. And Happy New Year to all of you. Oh, and thanks to my manservant, Kevin, for all that he does (whatever that may be).

See you next week/year!

(Guests listed in order of appearance.)

  1. Alistair Cook
  2. Dylan Rhymer
  3. Glenn Wool
  4. Kliph Nesteroff
  5. Darcy Michael
  6. David DJ Roy
  7. Will Davis
  8. Rob Mailloux
  9. Mike Storck
  10. Paul Hooper
  11. Chris James
  12. Jay Brown
  13. Mark Breslin
  14. Sunee Dhaliwal
  15. Ari Shaffir
  16. Glen Foster
  17. Darryl Lenox
  18. Paula Antil
  19. Baron Vaughn
  20. Ivan Decker
  21. Katie-Ellen Humphries
  22. Gilbert Gottfried
  23. Nikki Glaser
  24. Jay Ono
  25. Pearce Visser
  26. Harry Dope
  27. Cass King
  28. John Woods (King & Woods are The Wet Spots)
  29. Dwight Slade
  30. Lee Camp
  31. Norm Macdonald
  32. Graham Clark
  33. Roman Danylo 
  34. Ken Lawson
  35. Chris Casillan
  36. Sean Patrick Shaul
  37. Steve Bays
  38. Iliza Shlesinger
  39. Tim Rykert
  40. Lynn Shawcroft
  41. Gerald Gerald Geraldson
  42. Myq Kaplan
  43. Lori Gibbs
  44. Kevin Banner
  45. Brent Butt
  46. Richard Lett
  47. Nate Bargatze
If you missed any of them, they're all available in podcast format. Do a search for them on this blog or at iTunes.

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