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Monday, March 2, 2015

Podcast episode 378ish: Ryan Hamilton

Here's a different episode. It's a low-grade Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, only there's only one comedian and no coffee. But we are in a car for the duration of the episode. It's a first for us. The Lynn Shawcroft episode was recorded in the same car, but we were parked. This time, with Ryan Hamilton, we're driving all throughout Vancouver as we discuss what's in Ryan's brain and what we see outside the window. Part discussion, part travelogue. He talks about his Norman Rockwell-like upbringing in Idaho, which may explain his 1950s look. We debate how hard Drew Carey works. He reveals who his best roommate was (hint: it's a well-known comedian). He rues retelling jokes on the same show. I teach him a useful lesson about the UK should he ever perform over there. And he opens up about his standard post-interview regrets after recording a podcast. So join us for the ride!

You can hop on board right here by clicking that gizmo you see below. If you don't see the gizmo, don't panic. Take a deep breath and switch servers. Or go download the episode and/or subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or Stitcher or wherever fine podcasts are dispensed.

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