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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Podcast episode 379ish: Craig Northey

This was a fun episode. Craig Northey isn't a comedian but he's had his hand in a lot of comedy. The rock'n'roller has worked extensively with Kids in the Hall (collectively and individually) and Brent Butt, with forays into Norm Macdonald and Cheech Marin. He's been in a lot of bands, too, and they all get a mention here, especially Odds (sans definite article). In this episode, I mentor Northey on the correct pronunciation of Corner Gas and his own name. And he talks about his old days at the Roxy, speaks of his love for Abbott & Costello, his unlove for Odds hit Heterosexual Man, and how his vocabulary was aided by his old boss, Warren Zevon.

So do have a listen, won't you? Stream it below or download the episode at iTunes or Stitcher or whatever your preference is for podcast servers.

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