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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Episode 180ish

The latest comedy roundtable episode is now available here, there (Comedy Couch) and everywhere (iTunes). It was fun. We had Ian Boothby, Jane Stanton and Sean Proudlove in studio, while Peter Kelamis joined us over the phone from L.A. I haven't had too many phoners over the years, and have turned some down just because I think it's not ideal. There's no face-to-face contact and hearing someone on the phone for an hour doesn't sound all that good. Still, I had been mulling over having more phone guests and this show helped seal the deal. Of course it helps if the guest is as good as Kelamis was here. We talked mostly about the Leno-Conan situation, but got into a few other things, too. I think my favourite part was the story Kelamis told of getting booked on Open Mike with Mike Bullard. It's a classic Canadian show biz story.

Comedy Roundtable, January 24, 2010

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