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Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13: Ryan Beil

Tonight on the big show we've got a big guest. Not physically. But big in stature. Ryan Beil has had an amazing year. Eight days before the Jessie Awards, to be held at the Commodore on June 21, Beil is sitting pretty, if nominations are any indication. As the Georgia Straight reported, "Beil received two lead-actor nominations in the large-theatre category (for his work in Billy Bishop Goes to War and The Comedy of Errors), a lead-actor nomination in small theatre (American Buffalo), and an outstanding-performance nomination in the theatre for young audiences stream (The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood)."

And if there were awards for Canadian commercials (and there probably are), Beil would clean up there, too, with his Ryan the Trainee ads for A & W. I'm a guy who switches channels at the first sign of a commercial but I always watch Ryan's, not just because I kinda know him, but because they're funny and he's so good in them. He's made junk food and coronary disease cool again.

The kid is going places, needless to say. And the first place he's going to is our show tonight, 11 to midnight. Ryan will be joining us straight from his weekly improv show, The Sunday Service at the Hennessey on Broadway. Yes, he does improv, too. Actor, improv artist, and fast food employee. That's the trifecta right there.


Little Jackie Showers said...

Funny, I didn't think you'd approve of even Ryan's commercials, so I've never mentioned just how good I think they are. I should not be so afraid of your scorn.

Anonymous said...

A & W is pretty much the only fast food place I like. For some reason their bacon smells odd when I get the bacon and eggs for breakfast, but it tastes fine. Probably just me. More to the point if you get a root beer they actually serve it to you in a glass instead of a disposable cup. Seriously, who else does that? Also Rushmore was a masterpiece. I remember watching it with my dad years ago and I'd never realized Bill Murray was capable of such depths. It's understandable you'd be indifferent to the world cup. One of the coolest parts of it is the crowds chanting and it's been replaced by that horrible angry wasp noise. Sucks. I'm rooting for South Korea myself, they won my hearts in 2002 with their beautiful charge for the trophy. Theirs was the best finish any Asian country has ever had at fourth place and prior to that they'd never even won a game in the finals. A lot of folks dismiss the performance on the grounds of home field advantage but hey, tell that to the Greeks they beat Saturday! Plus both the team and the fans are a class act, none of that nonsense you saw Italy use against Zidane (insulting his sister) or France use against Ireland (Handball to win the qualifier). Watch it again in four years when you can actually hear the crowds and you'll have a good time.


Anonymous said...

before you bash the televangelists for lack of comic ability why don't you watch and seek uot the whole routine?