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Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4: Marcus Ryan

After a couple weeks off, we've got a new show for you. With a new guest. I guess that's why they call it New Years. Our guest tonight, Marcus Ryan, hails (that's the appropriate weather term for today) from the great continent/country of Australia. Where, exactly, we'll find out. And maybe I'll get an answer to how it can be both a continent and a country. I've never understood that. If you don't speak Aussi, not to worry, mates. I have years of ESL teaching experience and we should be able to work our way through any miscommunication.

Take a look at our schedule over there in the right-hand panel. Our January dance card is all filled up: Seth Perry, Reza Peyk and Simon King. That's a solid line-up, I tell ya. So tune in tonight and every Sunday this month for some scintillating conversation about comedy.

Is that about it, then? Any questions, comments or nasty remarks? If so, you know where to leave 'em.

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