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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Podcast episode 228ish: Comedy Round-Table featuring Chuck Byrn, Dylan Rhymer, Steve Bays & Toby Hargrave

With the dropping of this podcast episode, we are officially all caught up. It's been a long time coming. And now that we are, our aim to you, the non-paying custormer, is to be more consistent. From here on out, you can expect to get the live radio show as a podcast one week after it airs. So that'd be Sundays. I'll post them here and you can listen at your leisure. Sound like a deal?

We start this new weekly offering with a good one. Last week we reconvened the Comedy Round-Table and there were some good opinions and jokes flying. Chuck Byrn had the line of the night, in my opinion, with a biting comment about Newfoundland; Dylan Rhymer commits comedy sacrilege by denouncing the Cos; Steve Bays describes Nickelback as "super-hilarious"; and Toby Hargrave gives an inexplicable shout-out to the Vinyl Cafe.

So here you go. Listen here or download on iTunes. Hell, subscribe to it, even. I think that's possible.

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