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Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24: Eric Fell & Shaun Stewart; more new podcasts

A few weeks ago we had the Urban Improv gang in for the show. Seven of 'em, two of which were Eric Fell and Shaun Stewart. We didn't get a chance to talk to any one of them in detail, so we invited them back. These two fellers have lots on the go. Along with their Monday night Justice Pals show at Chivana, they have a Justice Pals podcast, and host Behind the Scenes on the internet. Oh, and they also have taken over the monthly Anzabonanza pub quiz. If I know them at all, there's a good chance most of the questions will be about Star Wars and/or comic books. We'll find out more tonight.


I hope you're all caught up on the podcasts because there are eight more to whet your whistle. Check these ones out when you get a chance:

Drew McCreadie & Ian Boothby from May 4, 2008:

Kristeen von Hagen & Laurie Elliott from May 25, 2008:

Jack Showers from August 10, 2008:

Paul Anthony from September 28, 2008:

Jane Stanton from December 7, 2008:

Richard Kiss from December 14, 2008:

Riel Hahn from February 15, 2009:


Anonymous said...

I hope Kevin feels better this week, you seemed pretty freaked out dealing with the phones ;)

Guy MacPherson said...

The calls got through, didn't they? I don't freak out. Calm, cool and collected 24/7.