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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Russell Peters, Coverboy

My cover story on Russell Peters for the Georgia Straight came out today. He's playing GM Place on Monday and Tuesday. Man, I thought it was amazing when he played the Orpheum Theatre four nights in a row a couple years ago. But two nights at a hockey arena? Unheard of.

Comedy nerds (as opposed to bandwagon jumpers) remember seeing him when he was a club comic not all that long ago. Okay, eight years ago, but still. He's come a long way, baby.

While the story is about 1700 words, it still couldn't house all the quotes I got in our phone conversation. Nor all the quotes from Mark Breslin, the founder of Yuk Yuk's, who's known Russell since the kid took up stand-up comedy about twenty years ago. So I'll sweep up the editing room floor and you can hear the rest of the quotes in their own voices. On a couple of occasions there are repeat quotes from the story, but for the most part I've edited out whatever made it into the story.

Check out the actual story, though, too, won't you? The on-line version has extra quotes in a sidebar, too.

Meanwhile, here's Russell on various other topics:

And here's what didn't make it into the story from Yuk Yuk's founder and CEO, Mark Breslin:

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Anonymous said...

Solid piece on Mr. Peters. I'm a bit worried about the reference to bandwagon jumpers though. I only started watching live comedy last year, which would mean I have another 7 years to go until I can can myself an authentic admirer! Maybe if I count from when I first started listening to What's So Funny... Actually the first comedy thing I started listening to on the radio was on UBC, not sure if it was friday nights or weekends though. Their programming has downhill over the years unfortunately, but their loss is your gain :) Actually you've been pretty darn busy lately. I see you won't be on the air on the 21st so hopefully that means you get to enjoy the summer a bit, you've earned it.