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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still more podcasts

A bunch of new podcasts have been added to the library. Eight, to be exact. You can listen to them here, or over at ye olde Comedy Couch, or download them on iTunes, among other places. I haven't heard them in a while, but if memory serves these are all good ones. At least I had fun:

Dave Shumka from June 15, 2008:

Richard Lett from August 31, 2008:

Marcus Ryan from January 4, 2009:

Reza Peyk from January 18, 2009:

John Wing from March 8, 2009:

Toby Hargraves from March 22, 2009:

Jamie Hutchinson & Tim Rykert from March 29, 2009:

Darcy Michael from April 5, 2009:

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