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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tomorrow's show; More podcasts!

Summertime and the livin' is easy. Who has time to blog when the fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high? Not I, it seems. Sorry about that. But I've been thinking about you. Honest.

We took a station-mandated time-out last week. No fault of ours. There was other more important programming that needed airing, is all. And this week, as I mentioned, I'm out of town. In fact, I'm lying in a hotel room in Seattle as I write this. But I
talked it over with my manservant, Kevin, and we decided that the show must go on. In a sense. We won't have a live guest this week. Instead, Kevin will play comedy deejay and spin you some funny trax. Knowing Kevin, I can almost guarantee that means you'll be hearing some Flight of the Conchords and Daniel Tosh. But who knows, he might surprise me.

Meanwhile, if you're jonesin' for some interviews, seven more just joined the podcast family. As always, they're available at the Comedy Couch, on iTunes, or a friendly neighbourhood podcast server near you. Or you could just click on the episode below and let the magic of the intertube take you away.

Colleen Brow, from June 1, 2008:

Irwin Barker, from August 3, 2008:

Derek Edwards, from April 19, 2009:

Urban Improv, from April 26, 2009:

Leland Klassen, from May 17, 2009:

Eric Fell & Shaun Stewart, from May 24, 2009:

Nathan Clark, from May 31, 2009:

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Anonymous said...

Happy aboriginal day to one and all :) I only knew one native guy in high school but he was decent enough. We played Dungeons and Dragons together, good times. I kind of passed out and didn't manage to catch more than the first few minutes of Kevin last night though. Normally I manage well enough but it's been a rough few days with my little brother in Gibsons going bonkers and attacking some police with a hammer. At times like that I reflect on how important it is to have a sense of humour and not take things too seriously. Particularily oneself. Anyway methinks I'll download the show off the station website.