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Friday, July 24, 2009

Six more podcasts

Just got word that the Comedy Couch, home base for the What's So Funny? podcasts, just uploaded six more. All gems, of course. You can listen to them there, or here, or an various podcast servers, or iTunes. Your call. Just listen.

The first one goes way back. I have no idea why we missed it the first time. It's the first appearance by John Beuhler, and he's joined by Jason Lamb, who is now some sort of radio dude in Victoria. It's from December 19, 2004:

Next up is local legend J.P. Mass. I think the last three or four minutes are lost. Instead of not putting anything up, I thought 57 minutes was better than nothing. Sorry about the abrupt ending. This was from January of 2008. I don't even have an exact date. How lame am I?:

Speaking of no exact date, this is Colleen Brow filling in for me interviewing Dr. Russ Kennedy. I had no record of when this was, but Colleen assures me it was July 6, 2008:

Next up is Simon King, who makes his second appearance on the show. Simon spends much of the year down in Los Angeles and he tells us all about it, as well as revealing that his mom was a bit of a celebrity in her day:

On this recent show I met for the first time Conor Holler and Craig Anderson, the duo who make up Bronx Cheer. Craig sounds exactly like former WSF? guest Ivan Decker, but that's neither here nor there. It's from June 7, 2009, actually:

And last but certainly not least is the infamous Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Everyone knows who he is so I don't need to tell you he's not a comedian, but he's damn entertaining. And exhausting. Nardwuar brought in some clips from some of his thousands of interviews. I manage to get about eleven words in the whole hour. This is from June 14, 2009:

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