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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aug. 23: Brett Martin... from somewhere

We are back with a live guest this week, who may or may not be in studio. Brett Martin headlined in Halifax this week and was due to fly home today. But there's a bit of a breeze in the maritimes, it seems, so he may be stuck there. If so, he's offered to be our storm correspondent and we'll talk to him via telephone for the hour. It'll be 3-4 a.m. his time, but he's a comic. That's nothing for him.

UPDATE: Just got a call from Brett in Halifax. Turns out the storm was not the monster everyone predicted. The bad news is he'll be flying out and won't arrive home until 11:30ish. But he will call in when he arrives and talk about the new monthly show he's starting next Sunday night. We'll play some more comedy clips while we await his call.

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Anonymous said...

So Brett also liked District 9 eh? Great minds think alike :) On the subject of movies, since you're a Don Rickles fan maybe you'd get a kick out of his turn as a vampire in Innocent Blood. Assuming you haven't already of course. Yes, once upon a time vampires were cool and sarcastic instead of all twilighty like nowadays. Good choice of Henny Youngman for the end too. His banker joke is indeed timeless... Oh yeah before I forget, here's the top 10 jokes of the Edinburgh Fringe fest.