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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Canadian Content in London

You gotta admire the spunk of our Urban Improv/Canadian Content pals. The local improv/sketch troupe decided they wanted to put on a show in London. As in England, not Ontario. Drew McCreadie talked to me about it on Skype a while back, which you can see here. They're there for a month (Aug. 4 - 30) putting on shows at Leicester Square. They've already received one rave review. Chortle, the influential UK comedy guide, writes:
...this is everything you’d hope for from good sketch: fast moving, recurring characters, a showcase for versatility, interspersed with short films and animations... This is splendid ensemble work among the five actor/writers, no weak links and apparently no big ego jostling for the pole position.
Read the whole review here. Good work, kids. Way to represent the 604.

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