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Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9: The Exploding Sandwich

Talk about log-rolling in our time. Tonight we have the two Devons, aka the two Devins, on our program, one night after I guested on their internet radio program, aka podcast. Devon Lougheed and Devin MacKenzie, hosts of the moderately popular Exploding Sandwich podcast as well as comedic performers, will make their debut on What's So Funny? I'll tell you this much, they'll have it easy compared to what I was put through. I arrived at their fancy studio and was told I'd need to come up with two stories, one true and one false. That's something I need a good two weeks to prepare. I'm not a performer, goddammit, I'm a doctor, Kirk! Then on the air I had to improv a eulogy for Hillary Duff (God rest her soul) and write on cue. And finally I had to eat a Twinkie™ and describe it metaphorically. It was a workout for a guy who spends his time watching others pull off that kind of stuff, I'll tell you that much for free.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself. It aired live, but I believe they will podcast it on the morrow, aka August 10. On our humble interview program, I won't spring them with any surprises. We'll just chat, as per usual... Or will I? Revenge is sweet... Tune in to find out.

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