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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sept. 13: Will Davis & Tim Rykert

As we embark on our fifth season, we welcome back regular guest Will Davis, the something-or-other of the Global (or whatever it's called) Comedy Fest. He's the guy that puts it all together. In case you didn't realize, the fest(ival) is just around the corner, running from Sept. 17 - 27. There are some great (and not so great) names coming this year and Will will be telling us all about them. He's bringing along semi-regular guest Tim Rykert who not only helps out at fest HQ, but will be performing at said fest. Should be a fun night, made all the more newsworthy because we're debuting a new theme song. Our first two theme songs were rather lazy, and I loved them. This one, though, is way more peppy and way more show-bizzy. We'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, new theme song... I actually really enjoy the end song by the way, even if there's rarely time to get to the lyrics. Sometimes it seems there aren't too many people following co-op radio but I'm sure they're all just what is known on the internet as "lurkers" who don't like posting on the blog :)


Guy MacPherson said...

The end song was the same as the beginning song. It was called Hang On Little Tomato by The Pink Martinis. I liked it, too. The new one is definitely different. Give it time.

I'm hoping there are 'lurkers', otherwise it's just us, Jude. But I appreciate your comments and calls.