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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sept. 6: Gerald Varga & Bill MacDonald

This is it, isn't it? I mean, technically there are a couple more weeks of summer, but we all know it's over as of tomorrow. No more whites for me (except for when I go lawn bowling, of course).

To celebrate the end of summer, what better way than to bring in the prince of darkness? We've got Gerald Varga with us tonight, the Dr. Jekyll to Gerald Gerald Geraldson's Mr. Hyde. The Geralds have a new one-man show that'll be playing the big comedy festival. The Horror Spectacular will play the Cultch on Sept. 24, while Gerald(son) will also share the big stage on the 26th for the Best of the Fest gala hosted by Red Green, the Mr. Hyde to Steve Smith's Dr. Jekyll. See how it all comes around?

Joining Varga tonight will be the director of the Horror Spectacular, Mr. William "Bill" MacDonald, who knows a few things about horror, as you can see by his imdb page.


Anonymous said...

Stupid work has me out in Langley with no phone tonight, just when your guest is someone I've seen before and like. It makes me want, to kill! ;) And I was all looking forwards to asking THE horror question these days. Zombies. Fast, or slow?


Guy MacPherson said...

I'll ask him for you, Jude (even though I don't know what it means).

Anonymous said...

It's good to know if I hadn't been able to sneak out my co-worker's cell phone I'd still be able to get a response to my inquiry :) I could make a habit phoning except now my shift is starting at 11 instead of midnight and I won't be able to blame someone else if my boss checks the phone records. Stingy! Seriously though, I highly recommend that Black Sheep horror movie. You can't go wrong with New Zealand were-sheep. It's like Flight of the Conchords but more violent.