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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nov. 29: Richard Lett

Regular readers here will note a change to the schedule. For weeks we had someone else listed as tonight's guest. But this being Christmas season, when high-paying corporate gigs come a-calling, you can never be too sure.

But we've got a great replacement. It's a comic who's not afraid to speak his mind: Richard Lett. The stand-up comic, poet, writer, musician, spoken word champ and former high school teacher is one of our favourite guests who always has lots to say, and says it well. I'll put his appearances on the show right up there with the best of the rest. He's got a reputation he cultivates of being rather an insensitive sort, but he's a softie at heart.

So tune in tonight from 11 to midnight on CFRO, 102.7 FM, in Vancouver. Or livestream it from wherever you might be. Give us a call, if you feel like it: 604-684-7561.


Anonymous said...

When I saw the canceled notice I thought it meant this week's episode as well and not just the guest. Glad I was wrong :) Sucks that I'm working Sunday nights and can't pester you guys by phone as easily but maybe I can check out that pub quiz thing at the Anza club if it's still going...


Guy MacPherson said...

The pub quiz is, indeed, still going. I went for the first time in over a year last week. The next one, I believe, is the last Wednesday in January.