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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aug. 22: Tyler Fortin

It's a celebration of sorts tonight. The last time Tyler Fortin was a guest was... four years ago? I'm not sure. When was the last time August 22 fell on a Sunday? Then.

You see, young Tyler and I not only share a birthday (today) but we share an animal. At least as far as the Chinese calendar is concerned. So we have that much in common. We'll get caught up over the last four years and Tyler will tell us all about a benefit he's planning for BC Children's Hospital Specials Needs Nursery at the Everygreen CC in Coquitlam. As he says, It's "kind of a hometown show for me and to give back to people that helped me when I was just 2 pounds!!!"

I don't think they'll recognize him because he's put on a lot of weight since then, but it's still a nice thing to do.

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