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Monday, January 17, 2011

Podcast episode 214ish: Andrew Carr

I'm a bit late with the last two podcasts. There were some technical issues I had while away over the Christmas holidays. I apologize because I know you must have been counting the days waiting. This one is definitely worth the wait. I had a grand old time when Andrew Carr visited us in December. I think the show is a really good one, too. Andrew talked about writing for Corner Gas and Hiccups, gave some advice to newbies hoping to break into the TV writing game, regaled us with stories of a failed stand-up tour with Brent Butt and Joel Walmsley called The Lords of Flatland, and growing up the youngest of ten kids. I even almost got him to trash a former employer but he would have none of it. He's a crafty veteran and knows all the interviewer's tricks so he wouldn't bite.

Have a listen here or download What's So Funny? at iTunes or any of your fancy high-end podcast servers near you.

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