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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sept. 27: Mark Friebe & Sheila Sharma

Just flew in from Ontario and boy are my set-ups hackneyed. Anyway, a bit late with this. But as jet-lagged as I am, we still have live guests this evening. And I'm looking forward to them. They've only visited us once before and that was way back in '06. I recently took out-of-town friends to the Giggle Dam out in quaint Port Coquitlam and I said to myself, "I need to have Mark Friebe and Sheila Sharma on the show again." Then I said it to them and they agreed. So here we are. If you're not familiar with the Giggle Dam, it's dinner theatre that doesn't quit. The crew down there entertains from the minute you walk in the door until after the show is over. The hardest-working people in all of... Port Coquitlam, at least, anyway. Maybe all of show business. Anyway, it's a ton a fun and you should check them out.

Tune in tonight to CFRO 100.5 FM in Vancouver or online at to get an even better sense of what it is they do.

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