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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb. 19: Rob Mailloux

Our guest tonight hails from Toronto. He's a real do-it-yourself-er. We've seen Rob Mailloux in these parts opening for both Doug Stanhope and Jim Jefferies. What you may not know is he's the guy who brought these comics to Canada and took them on tour. I'm sure he'll have a story or two about travelling and working with those to iconoclasts. Rob is in town as part of the Vancouver ComedyFest. His shows at Lafflines are all over now, but he doesn't leave until Tuesday so we took the opportunity to scoop him up for the show. So tune in tonight at 11 PST, 102.7 FM in Vancouver. Or for his peeps in T.O., that'd be 2 a.m. at And if he has any fans in Newfoundland... well, you do the math. You're used to it.

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tenspeed said...

we like prying into peoples lives.