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Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20: Katie-Ellen Humphries

Photo by Evil Patrick Shannon
On this Victoria Day weekend, What's So Funny? presents fellow Victoria native Miss Katie-Ellen Humphries. For some reason, it just sounds right to add the 'Miss'. Don't know why. Maybe because her Twitter handle is @MsKatieEllen, sure, but to me she'll always be a Miss, not a Ms. Miss Katie-Ellen recently got back from playing the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Where's Bridgetown, you ask? Why, it's Portland, Oregon. Turns out there are a whopping eight bridges in Portland so they get the moniker, whereas Vancouver has a measly ... eight bridges. Hmm. Anyway, tonight will be Miss Katie-Ellen's first appearance on WSF? Exciting, no? It's a holiday tomorrow, so you can stay up late and listen. 11 pm, people. Carry on.

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