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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Podcast episode 285ish: Dwight Slade

I had an absolutely great talk with Dwight Slade a few weeks ago and humbly offer you the proof today in the form of a podcast. It was funny, heartfelt, cynical, sincere, and deep. Everything you'd want in a conversation. We talked about death, drinking, aging, comedic relevance, forgotten Tonight Show comedians, cruise ships and a lot about his dear, departed friend, the legendary Bill Hicks. Brought to you from the third precinct of Baltimore. At least it sounded like that at times.

Click below to listen or download it at iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts). What's So Funny? – ask for it by name.

As mentioned, we talked a bit about some of Dwight's and Bill's favourite Tonight Show comedians in the late 1970s. Since we're all the same age, and I was watching Johnny regularly, it surprised me when I didn't recognize the name of one of them: Billy Braver. Dwight and Bill loved him. I decided to use the old Google device thingy and I found this great 18-minute film on the guy. Turns out he quit show business while he was riding high and went on to sell cars. Yes, he was a car salesman. But when that tanked a year or so ago, he decided to give stand-up comedy another go. Have a look. It's not quite a sob story; it's a Saab Story:

SAAB Story from Max Joseph on Vimeo.

And while we're on the topic of old Tonight Show comics, I thought I'd root around for clips of some of the others we mentioned. I guess Johnny's estate has their claws on everything so I can't find their appearances on the actual show, but these will give you a taste of who we were talking about:

Ed Bluestone:

Bobby Kelton:

Kelly Monteith:

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