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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Randy Charach at Yuk Yuk's

Regular readers and listeners will know that I have a soft spot for magic. Last June I interviewed Mac King and Nathan Burton, two Vegas mainstays, during my visit to Sin City. I also enjoyed their shows – which are ongoing, if you happen to be Nevada-bound.

If you're not going anywhere, but still want to see some mind-bending, you should check out Randy Charach, who's appearing every Wednesday in July at Yuk Yuk's. Apparently he learned magic from his grandfather, who happened to be a Las Vegas magician. I caught his act last night. It was a full house, too, which is pretty impressive for a Wednesday. Also impressive were his bag of tricks. Billed as "comedy magic and mind reading," it's all magic to me. I don't think Charach really tries to pass off being truly psychic, so he's no charlatan. They're just fun tricks that I have no idea how he does. What he performs is known as mentalism or psychic entertainment. Kind of like Kreskin, except he doesn't pretend to possess special powers.

People who don't like magic have no sense of fun. They sit there, head tilted, arms crossed, trying to figure it out, as if trying to prove that it isn't really magic. Yes, we get it. It's not really magic. It's a good trick, that's all. Nobody pretends otherwise. Accept it for what it is.

Almost every trick Charach performs involves someone from the audience. Whether he's sensing objects while blindfolded, predicting words chosen on a random page by an audience member, or stealing rings from the crowd, he had me guessing.

That's the frustrating part of watching such a show for me. On the one hand, I want to know how he does a given trick; on the other hand, I'd probably be disappointed if I found out.

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