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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nov. 25: Kevin Banner

I'm a bit late posting this today but I've been running around all over the lower mainland and, well, I'm not that organized. Forgive me. Tonight's guest is a first-timer and homeboy. Actually, I think he's from Sooke, but we're all island people. I first saw Kevin Banner at Laffline's a year or two ago when he was competing in a Bite-TV competition. "How good can he be? He's from Sooke," I thought. No disrespect intended but I didn't know of any other Sooke comics. Turns out he was pretty good. And is even better now. He recently broke free from the island and moved to the big city. We'll see how that's going tonight. Talk to you then. 11 pm PST. 100.5 FM. Livestream at

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